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Shift from scattered to focused results

How to focus your business energy to get focused results

by Laura West  |  8848 views  |  1 comment  |      Rate this now! 

 As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats, juggle many balls, and any other crazy-busy metaphor you can come up with. You write website copy and e-zine articles, work with clients, speaking, design new programs, create a product, hire people, fire people, bookkeeping, professional development... Even when you aren’t doing it all and you have a team, you still have to manage them as well as do the creative work of your business.

With all these tasks and things pulling at you, it creates scattered energy. Your energy is here... and here... and over here.

When you have scattered energy, you get scattered results. You're not concentrating on any one thing, and even when you are working on one business task, in the back of your mind, you're probably thinking about the other 27 things on your to-do list.

What you need is focused energy. With focused energy, you get focused results. So, how do you keep your energy from being scattered everywhere?

Figure out what your most important goals are this month. Get your website done? Get five new clients? Enroll in a program? Fill a new teleclass? List all your goals, and then pick your top three.

And, yes, that can be the hard part, because all your goals are important, right? However, if you try to do all the goals, you're back to that scattered energy place. Concentrate on the top three goals. One suggestion is to pull one goal from bringing in revenue/clients, another from marketing, and a third in the "Other" category (delivering a workshop or designing a new program).

Once you have your three goals for the month, then EVERY day do three things toward those goals. Now you're focusing your energy, both BEING energy and DOING energy.

Being energy is how grounded are you, how present, right here, right now are you? You can only create and get things done from that right here, right now place. If you’re worrying about the future or stuck in the past, you aren’t creating right here, right now.

Every day this week, start out by focusing your BEING energy: meditate, journal, mindmap, read something inspirational, walk, have coffee with birdsong, connect to spirit and to yourself.

When you *are* creating from that right here, right now place, then your DOING energy is focused. You have focused energy, focused goals, and focused energy. And you can't help but get focused results. And you're moving faster toward your goals, your dream, and your vision.

Again, this week at the start of each day, focus your BEING energy and focus your DOING energy. Then pay attention to what shifts for you. What’s different? What’s working?

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  • Laura, great article. I am launching a new business venture around a product I created for my own family, plus running my own marketing consulting business and my focus or lack of is just insane right now. I was writing press releases and had spun myself to a stop by getting 10 steps ahead of each task--couldn't write a thing! Your advice is straight on!

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