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10 Ways to Save 10 Minutes in Your Day

by Nataly  |  11391 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

These are not huge things - they are very small things, small suggestions. But my days are so crazy packed that 10 minutes makes a big difference. I've tried all the steps below and they helped save time.

Before you go to the fridge make a mental list of all the items you’ll need and take them all at the same time. You’re saving energy and saving time for return trips.

Instead of writing down 3 things on your to-do list, just do them. You’ve saved time writing them down and crossing them off – and potentially time spent stressing about getting these things done or procrastinating.

Unplug your modem or wireless connection for 30 minutes while you work. You will get more work done without interruptions from email, IM, Twitter, you name it. Switching between tasks – from writing a work report to checking email – takes time and reduces your ability to focus and get any one thing done.

Designate time during each day for phone calls. Unless it's a personal or work emergency, no call is so urgen that you need to take it when it comes. Designate an hour in the morning and one or two in the afternoon for phone calls, and let others go to voicemail. You will save time by not getting distracted.

DVR/Tivo your favorite TV shows and watch them later, skipping commercials. An average TV show is 45 minutes of actual show and 15 minutes of ads – skip them all and you’ve saved more than 5 minutes. (This isn’t a reason, however to watch more TV than you would normally. In other words, bank your saved time rather than spend it on another show.)

When buying clothes, take them off the hangers and hand them to the cashier with the tag on top. When buying groceries, lay them out with the UPC code on top so it’s easy to scan as they come through on the belt. Yes, this is anal. Yes, this will save more than 5 minutes that cashiers would otherwise spend trying to scan your purchases.

Sort your mail as soon as you get it. Most of us are in the habit of putting our mail on the kitchen counter, then dealing with it later. Besides the clutter this creates, it's a waste of time - as soon as you get your mail, throw out the junk and organized and put away the rest.

Accomplish small tasks during waiting time. If you need to write some thank you cards, bring them with you and do a few while you wait at the doctor's office or to have your car filled with gas.

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I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom!, a freshly minted entrepreneur, and an amateur writer.

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2 comments so far...

  • You had me at "10 minutes"! I am a firm believer in the value of small chunks of time (my website,, gives members a place to capture their goals and work at them 10 minutes at a time).

    I love your suggestions, especially the one about designating time for phone calls. This is a huge time saver and keeps you from losing momentum (I don't know how my daughter gets any homework done with all those texting interruptions).

    In tandem with designating time for calls, I keep a list of things I'll do while I'm on the phone (if it's a call that doesn't need too much concentration). Things like: folding the laundry, tidying a room, wiping down light switches (maybe that's just me -- maybe other people's kids don't have shmootzy hands!). This way, I'm not using valuable quiet time to do those things -- I know I'll do them while I'm on the phone.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by LauraGiveMe10 on 22nd April 2013

  • What fabulous tips Nataly! I already have some of them in place, but it's always a great reminder for those of us who multi-task to the nth degree and do let that ugly junk mail pile up!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Rosanne Rust on 1st November 2007