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Use the Skills You Already Have to Work from Home

Tips and suggestions for stay-at-home and working moms

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Whether you are a working mom with a full-time career, or a stay at home mom who hasn’t been a part of the workforce for years, you have great skills that can help you be successful working from home. Many people worry about balancing their job outside of the home with a home business, or are concerned about juggling kids’ schedules with working from home. But they need not shy away from the idea.

As a Career Mom, you already have skills that you utilize in your job, daily, as well as the ability to juggle the needs of your family at home. This could include scheduling, computer skills, management of both people and time. You may even have specialized skills in writing, editing, sales, customer service, management, accounting, human resources, marketing, and communication, to name just a few.

Stay at home moms also possess similar skills that they use daily with their children and family’s care without even realizing it. They are constantly using negotiation and communication skills with working through parenting and family problems; management skills to keep a family’s hectic schedule running smoothly; writing skills to assist family members with homework or responding to emails; accounting skills to manage a family budget; and planning skills for weekly scheduling, family events and running the household.

All of these skills can be put to use in a home business. Here are a few examples:

Computer/Technology Skills: In today’s technological world, most people have basic computer skills that allow them to use word-processing programs and navigate the internet -- skills like typing, using search engines, and writing or answering emails. Most home-business opportunities use the internet to promote your business online.

Management Skills: This could include managing only you and your home business, or managing a small team of business partners while you work from home (if your home-based business has a recruitment angle). Many companies that offer home business opportunities have specialized training available to assist you in managing your home business and growing team successfully.

Telecommunication Skills: Do you enjoy talking to people? Are you talking with people in different areas at work to help with getting their daily jobs done? Are you comfortable talking on the phone? Most home businesses require that you talk with people, to tell them about your company, your product, or the service that you offer. If you are uncomfortable on the phone, or don’t know where to start, many home business companies offer scripts to use to help you get started.

Writing Skills: You write emails, you help with children’s homework, you create memos or work-related documents, newsletters (have you created a Christmas newsletter in the past?), help with church, school, or sports team flyers, and maybe you've even written your own articles or books. You can easily apply this skill to creating emails to customers, prospects, or for ezines and small text ads.

About the Author

Paige Lombardi is a former Award-Winning Teacher, who now works from home in order to be home with her two wonderful boys and supplement the family income. She enjoys helping other people save money on their healthcare needs with the Health Programs that her company provides and assists others with working at home. You can learn more at

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  • Paige! Help! I've been a working mom for the last seven years and I'm done with it. What's a good company to work-at-home for?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by want2baWAHM on 19th September 2012

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    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sophica on 2nd March 2011