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Working Moms Have A Choice!

What to do when life makes you feel stuck

by Lizzy McGrory  |  12279 views  |  0 comments  |        Rate this now! 

You are stuck in a rut and unable to dig yourself out.  So you stay where you are because getting out means hard challenging work and you are afraid of change and the unknown.  Who has the energy to deal with that?  It’s easier to just go with the flow. 

Does this sound familiar?  If so, keep reading.

Becoming unstuck doesn’t require as much energy as you think.  Try taking baby steps (no pun intended, OK, maybe a little).  You ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS, have a choice.  In the story above you are chosing not to do anything because of whatever reasons.  Believing that you have a choice is a mindset that you chose to have.   It’s not about concentrating on a solution; it’s actually bigger than that.

When you feel stuck you are not happy.  When you aren’t happy it’s difficult to see the big picture or to look at the things from a different angle.  So when you feel stuck focus on the good things in life.  Practice gratitude.  Get crazy creative with this!  Yes, we are thankful for family and friends, I’m not devaluing them, but think bigger like the smell of snow coming, a working dishwasher, or capturing an awesome photo.  Write down as many things as possible.  Do you feel a smile coming on?

To break out of feeling trapped or stuck, move your body.  Go for a walk, climb stairs, perform yoga poses, do anything that will give you a change of scenery.  This is showing your body you are not physically stuck.  Exercise release endorphins which results in HAPPINESS! 

Once the frown has turned upside down, now is a good time to re-evaluate how you are stuck and what you can do NOW that within your immediate control.  What can you do right now that would make you feel good about your predicament?  This is something that only depends on YOU doing it, not others.  Avoid letting assumptions bubble up to deter you from taking action.  This pitfall can bring you back to square one.

While you work your way through this vent your fustrations to your support system.  Saying what’s on your mind has a peculiar way of helping you resolve issues.  This can be to friends and family or even online to Facebook or Twitter friends.

Believing that you DO have a choice can open the door to possibilities.  It literally opens your mind to allow you to view life from a different perspective.  It’s a way of getting out of your own way.  Looking at things from a different perspective may not reveil the answer immediately but it may unveil another perspective that does. 

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