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Spring Cleaning Tips For The Busy Mom

by Sarah Honey  |  3381 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

It has been a long and crazy winter.  Mother Nature has really dumped some snow and cold weather on us.  Making our first winter in the Northeast a difficult one.  I’m optimistic that this to shall pass.  And it will only get better… or warmer from here. 

I’m thinking Spring!  Beautiful, warm, and sunny Spring!  I’m so ready for all things Spring, I have already started to get organized and started Spring cleaning.  So when it warms up, I’m already done with my Spring cleaning!  And why not, it’s the perfect activity for days it is too cold or wet to go outside, or you can’t go anywhere.  Start early, get organized and tackle that Spring cleaning! Happy cleaning… 

Spring cleaning in 5 Easy Steps…

1. Get organized. Make a plan for your cleaning attack.  It may be to organize, de-clutter, deep clean, get rid of, or a combination of all.  Come up with a plan for where you want to start.  I think it’s better to do 1 room at a time.  It’s less overwhelming.

2. Survey the room.  Look around the room, closet, dressers, desk, under beds, etc.  Take inventory and see what needs to be cleaned, de-clutter, or organized.  It is a great time to clean the windows, check screens for holes, take down any window treatments and wash them, drop of bedding bed spread, bed skirts, throws, decorative shams at the dry cleaners or wash it.

3. Stock up.  Once you have surveyed the room, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to help you with Spring cleaning.  Hit the store and stock up on supplies- storage bins, trash bags, cleaning supplies and any organizing tools you may need.

4. Check your calendar. Schedule some dates specific for cleaning.  Make sure to put it on the calendar. 

5. Get help.  No one should go at this endeavor alone. Enlist some fresh recruits to help you...husband, children assign everyone a task to job

When Spring cleaning day arrives…  Turn the music up and get cleaning!  Think Spring!

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