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5 Big Name Companies with Work-from-Home Jobs

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With so many scams in the work-from-home job niche, it’s hard to imagine reputable companies offering the option to telecommute in a job. But the truth is that the vast majority of companies--88 percent-- offer telecommuting in some form or another. That includes small and large companies, and there are many well-known companies with strong telecommuting programs.

Here are just five big-name companies that regularly offer work-from-home jobs.

UnitedHealth Group The medical and health industry is a leader in flexible job offerings, so its no wonder that many health insurance companies offer telecommuting jobs. UnitedHealth Group includes UnitedHealthcare, Ovations, AmeriChoice, Ingenix, OptumHealth, and Prescription Solutions. This company regularly offers work-from-home jobs, including roles like Telephonic RN Case Manager, Licensed Social Worker, Pharmacist, Medical Director, Bilingual Member Advocate, Clinical Programs Manager, and many others. That’s right--nurses and pharmacists can find full-time work-from-home jobs.

American Cancer Society The American Cancer Society is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but hires full-time telecommuters from around the country to help with fundraising and other jobs. Job titles for the ACS’s telecommuting roles have included Fundraising Specialist, Managing Director, Director of Communications Strategy Integration, Vice President, and Account Representative. The organization has over 3,400 local offices and 13-chartered divisions, with 6,000 employees and millions of volunteers nationwide.

Dell As one of the most well-known end-to-end computing companies in the world, Dell employs a large full-time at-home workforce to assist with its operations. Telecommuting jobs offered by Dell include Social Media Consultant, Senior Database Administrator, Marketing Consultant, Technical Sales Specialist, Business Analysis Manager, User Experience Designer, and Account Sales Executive. Dell has been recognized as a great place to work, through awards like the DiversityInc 50, Working Mother 100 Best Companies, and the Human Rights Campaign Best Places to Work.

General Electric A company with a history dating back 130 years, General Electric is actually on the forefront of employment, offering a wide variety of telecommuting and flexible jobs. Some of the full-time work-from-home jobs offered by G.E. include Field Sales Manager, Practice Development Manager, Senior IT Analyst, Project Manager, Client Services Representative, Operations Analyst, Administrator, and Account Manager. The business units operated by General Electric include aviation, energy, transportation, capital, appliances and lighting, cable, film, and sports, so there really is something to fit every professional interest.

Thomson Reuters Another company with a history dating back over 100 years, Thomson Reuters is on the leading edge of employment trends with full-time work-from-home jobs like Sales Consultant, Digital Marketer, Account Manager, Law Firm Consultant, Software Engineer, Technical Solutions Architect, and E-Commerce Channel Manager. The company is headquartered in New York, but has operations in over 400 locations throughout the world, and it works with clients in the financial, legal, tax, accounting, healthcare, science, and media industries.

The important thing to note with all of these companies is that, in addition to offering full-time telecommuting jobs, they also offer a variety of other flexible options like part-time schedules, freelance contracts, or flexible scheduling. If you’re considering finding a flexible or work-from-home job, be sure to research companies large and small to find all the possible options. As telecommuting continues to grow, so will your professional pathways!

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