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Teaching Kids About Money At The Grocery Store

by Work it Mom Staff  |  5494 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

It’s a very significant life lesson for children to learn about money at an early age. We give them allowances in order for them to understand finance and handling money.

The job of teaching children financial lessons relies heavily on the parents, since it’s something not normally taught at schools. As working mothers, we want to teach our children the importance of keeping a budget and a grocery store trip is great for a hands-on learning experience.

“New York Times” columnist Ron Lieber wrote an interesting piece on ways to teach kids about money at the grocery store. He talked to Shannon Ryan, a financial planner and blogger, who discussed how she uses grocery shopping to practice these money habits. That way, her girls could understand between their “wants” and “needs” every time they take a trip to the grocery store.  

The grocery store also sets a good atmosphere to connect finance with buying healthier food options. Your kids can learn why they should spend their money on whole foods and not those sugary snacks.



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