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How To Travel On A Budget

by Work it Mom Staff  |  4346 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Family trips can easily get expensive despite how many coupons or deals you find. When planning for your next vacation, follow these budget tips and you’ll still be able to have a wonderful time!


1. Take a road trip. We could all agree that airfare is very expensive particularly when you have to buy more than 3 tickets. Find a location that’s not too far to drive and take a road trip instead. You can visit places along the way and organize fun activities for the long car ridge.  

2. Eat in. Avoid going to any touristy restaurants. Eating out every night can empty out your wallet. If you’re staying at a hotel with a fridge, purchase lunchmeats or buy cereal so you don’t have to eat out three times a day. 

3. Go camping. If you’re a big outdoors fan, you won’t mind spending your vacation in the wilderness. Camping is much cheaper especially if you already have camping gear. You can spend your entire weekend away from home 

4. Travel during the off-season. Try to request time off during a quiet weekend. Prices for hotels and airplane tickets usually skyrocket during the holidays.

5. Go local. You could find fun things to do right near your town. Look what festival events are near by. Maybe you can plan a visit to your state’s annual fair. And there’s nothing wrong with sticking to a “staycation” this summer!


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