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How To Budget Groceries For The Week

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Grocery shopping is one of our most frequent stops on the errands list. We want to get ahead for the week by buying groceries during the weekend, but we cannot forget our budget! As working moms, we love to learn ways to save. This Fit and Fab Living article teaches us easy ways to save at the grocery store. Here are five more tips from us to add to the list!



1. Cut the sugary snacks. We all know how important it is for our children to eat whole foods. Skipping the candy aisle will make your kids have healthier diets and you’ll save money for not including those snacks to your grocery lists.

2. Keep a running grocery list. When you’re on the go, sometimes you forget on what exactly you need to buy at the grocery store. Have the grocery list on the fridge throughout the week. You can jot the item you need as soon as you run out it!  

3. Invite the kids. Bring them along to the next grocery store trip. They can help you pick out groceries while you teach them about saving money.

4. Find high nutrition foods at a low cost. Look for coupons and deals that allow you to find good food for less.

5. Follow your favorite brands on social media. Your local grocery store might be on Facebook or Twitter where they post weekly deals. You can find special coupons there!

Find more grocery shopping budget tips here!  

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