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Ten Must-Have Apps for Busy Moms

Smartphone Apps that Will Make Mom Life Easier

by Lydia Peters  |  5917 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Working moms don’t have it easy. Keeping up with job related responsibilities, the kids’ activities, and other household duties can be a hassle. Looking for a little extra help? Check out this article for a list of ten must-have smartphone apps that will make mom life easier and more productive.

Women make up almost half (47 percent, to be exact) of the U.S. labor force. Not only that, according to a study released last year, mothers are the sole or primary providers in four out of ten households with children. These “second shift” working moms are some of the busiest people on the planet.

When juggling career, family, and everything else becomes overwhelming, you can use a little help. We’ve gathered a list of smartphone apps that can fulfill your every need - from reminding you about your 9 A.M. meeting to helping you save money at the grocery store.

1.  Todoist

Todoist is a beautifully designed app that lets you manage your assignments – both home and work-related. You can share tasks with anyone (colleagues, family, friends) and work together towards achieving common goals. The premium version sends you email reminders, push notifications, or text messages about important tasks, so you’re always on top of both your personal and your professional life.

And for those days when you feel like you’re just running around without getting anything done, the app allows you to visualize your productivity trends over time. This is a surefire way to boost your confidence when everything seems to be falling apart.

2.  Evernote

Evernote helps you stay focused on your tasks and move your ideas from inspiration to completion. The app allows you to organize everything from work assignments to recipes.

You can collect research, handwritten notes, interesting web articles, and photos in the same place, for instant access across all your devices. You can also share Evernote notebooks with coworkers or family, to work on common projects. For more on how busy moms can get the best of the app, take a look here.

3.  Speaktoit

Speaktoit is your own personal assistant. You can consider it an alternative for Siri on Android devices. It performs tasks, answers questions, and notifies you about important events. All for free. Furthermore, as the assistant learns about your favorite places and services, it takes into account your current environment and schedule to provide suggestions customized to your preferences.

Most importantly, Speaktoit understand you – there’s no need to memorize complicated commands. If you can afford a personal assistant, a virtual one is the next best thing. It won’t pick up your dry cleaning, but it will make your life considerably easier.

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