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Why Sunscreen is a Must

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Chances are you know sunscreen is important, but you probably haven’t really thought about the consequences of not using it. Overexposure to sun has numerous consequences that are serious enough to have you hiding in the shadows, but simply using sunscreen can prevent the majority of these problems. For you to really understand its importance, you need to know the risks.

Most people think of sunscreen as a way of preventing the pain and redness of sunburn. That’s completely accurate, but there is more to it then the prevention of pain and unsightly coloring. Sunburn isn’t just a nuisance that causes temporary pain; it is a burn that damages the upper layers of skin. The worse the burn, the more layers are damaged. While the sunburn will heal, repeated unprotected exposure to the sun keeps damaging the skin and dramatically increases the risk of squamous skin cell carcinoma, a type of cancer. There is a tendency to think that skin cancer really isn’t that bad and that all you have to do is get the spot removed. While it’s true that skin cancer is one of the more treatable cancers, it is still deadly. The only way to completely prevent sun damage is to never be in the sun, but that is impossible. This is where sunscreen comes in.

Sunscreen can’t reverse the damage done by the sun, but it can help prevent it. Sunscreen acts as a shield from ultraviolet light, the cause of skin damage. It might not seem like much, but sunscreen is like the superhero of lotions. It helps protect you from harm and has no real impact on how you live your life.

With the weather warming and school out for the summer, you will undoubtedly want to spend countless hours outside by the pool, at the park, or on the beach. No matter where you are, the sun is shining down on you basking you in warmth, but with that warmth comes danger. Fortunately, sunscreen is here to save the day. As corny as it sounds, the best offense is a good defense. Make putting on sunscreen a part of a daily routine for you and your family. Taking those extra ten minutes to rub some on may save you a lifetime of pain. 

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