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Spiced White Chocolate Caramel Apples

by Sanjana Karanth  |  238 views  |  0 comments  |      Rate this now! 

Tired of pumpkin recipes? Give your autumn dessert recipes a twist with this chocolate caramel apple treat! With some cinnamon sprinkled on top of white chocolate-coated caramel apples, it's no wonder this is a hit.Ingredients:

  • 8 honeycrisp apples
  • 8 sticks for caramel apples
  • 1 C. margarine
  • 2 C. brown sugar
  • 1 C. corn syrup
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk
  • 3 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 bag white chocolate wafers
  • Cinnamon, for topping


  1. To prepare the apples, fill a pot with boiling water and a splash of vinegar. Dip each apple into pot, then dry and let cool. Press one stick in bottoms of each apple.
  2. For the caramel apple, fill the bottom pot of a double boiler with boiling water. In the top pot, mix margarine, brown sugar, condensed milk, and corn syrup. Stir constantly as pot is brought to a boil, then reduce down to medium heat. Cook for 30 minutes, then remove from heat and add in vanilla.
  3. Dip each apple into the resulting caramel until completely coated, then let cool on a lined cookie sheet.
  4. For the chocolate coating, melt white chocolate wafers in microwave for approximately 5 minutes. Dip each apple into the white chocolate until it is coated going up 3/4 of the way. Sprinkle each apple with cinnamon, then let cool. Serve.

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