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Why Being a Working Mom is Good For Your Kids

3 Ways Working Moms Influence Their Kid's Future

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In the 20s it was mostly unheard of, in the 50s it was looked down upon, but in the 20th century being a working mom is something to be proud of. It’s no easy feat; and, judging by the numerous dad blogs depicting “horror” stories of burning toast and learning how to change a diaper, all working moms are admirable.

I grew up with a working mom and I respect her work ethic and dedication to provide for me. There is nothing wrong with being a working mom; in fact, it benefits your children in a few key ways.

Admiration For Successful Women

Whether you consider yourself a leader in your profession or an unappreciated assistant, to your child you are even with the Queen of England. It’s cliché to say children know more than we think, but clichés often become such because they are true, and therefore said a lot. Our kids know how much we are juggling between their school and extracurricular activities, our jobs, keeping the house together and whatever else you may have going on. Daughters will grow up with drive and a desire to succeed like their mom while sons look for goal oriented women not “housewives”. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Daughters of Working Moms Make More Money

This may just be proof your daughters do see how hard you work and will strive for equal professional success. Daughters of working mothers earn 23 percent more than daughters of mothers who stayed home, according to a new study from Harvard Business School. What’s better than knowing you’re setting your daughter up for success?

Sons Will Do More Work at Home

The same study found no correlation between working moms and their son’s salaries, but they are more involved child rearing. Sons of working mothers spend an average of seven and a half more hours on childcare and 25 more minutes on housework, according to the study.  I don’t think any working mom would or should see this as a negative.

Being a working mom may or may not be a choice. But on those especially tough days remember there are some pretty amazing pros.

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