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Out-Of-This-World Chile Relleno Taco

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Ditch the boring tacos for these unique and flavorful ones! Each corn tortilla is filled with chiles, cheese and salsa with a fresh squeezed lime over the top. Serve with rice or beans for the perfect complement for this meal.


4 C. Vegetable oil

4 large chiles, peeled and seeded,

½ C. flour

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

1 tsp. red chile powder

1 egg

8 corn tortillas

½ C. Monterey Jack cheese


1 lime


Heat oil in a deep pot. Pat dry chiles and set aside. Mix flour, salt, pepper and chile powder in a mixing bowl. Coat the chiles in flour mixture. Beat egg in a bowl until fluffy. Submerge the floured chiles in the egg mixture. Once the oil is hot, fry chiles and fry until golden brown on both sides. Pat dry and slice chiles in half. Place each half on a tortilla. Add toppings and squeeze a fresh lime on top. Serve.

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