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Amazing Lamb Burgers With Grilled Onions

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Are you in need of a burger that’s bursting with flavor? Prepare these incredible lamb burgers for the whole family! The flavorful patties are cooked perfectly and topped with grilled onions. Dress with additional toppings and condiments to customize this burger to you.


1 yellow onion, cut into 1-inch pieces

1 lb. ground lamb

1 garlic clove

1 small shallot

1 tsp. lemon zest

1 tsp. sea salt

½ tsp. cumin

Olive oil

4 slices American cheese

4 burger buns

1 large red onion, sliced



Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add onions and cook for 6 minutes or until translucent. In a large mixing bowl, combine ground lamb, garlic, shallot, lemon zest, salt and cumin. Fold meat mixture together with hands until well combined. Divide into 4 balls and form into 2-inch thick patties.

Heat a thin layer of olive oil cast iron skillet over high heat. Add burgers and cook for 5 minutes per side or until each side is slightly browned. Add a slice of cheese on each and cook until melted. Remove from heat and place on a bottom bun. Top with grilled onion, red onion and lettuce. Place remaining buns on top and serve.

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