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5 Ways to Move Your Business Forward When You're Feeling Stuck

Stay focused instead of getting down

by Nataly  |  7288 views  |  8 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Every business gets stuck.

You're not growing fast enough, you can't find new clients or customers, your revenues aren't growing, you can't seem to get a single PR person to pay attention. Things just don't seem to be progressing.

I know EXACTLY how this feels because I've been there. It's extremely discouraging -- and it's really easy to start questioning your business, your likelihood for success, and, as I've done, your ability to be a great entrepreneur.

Don't do that. It's not productive, it won't help your business grow, and it will make you feel horrible about yourself. Instead, here are some ideas to help you get through this diffcult time -- they don't always work all the time, but I have tried each and every one and can say that they are worth your effort.

1. Get out of your office.

Whether you work at an office or from home, shut down your computer and go out into the real world. I don't care what kind of business you run -- you can always benefit from meeting people in-person. Find out if there is a networking event nearby or schedule a lunch with a business colleague/mentor/fellow entrepreneur. There are many things you can do to market your business online, but in-person networking creates new contacts and new ideas.

2. Do three things you've not done in the last month.

Look through your list of daily to-dos and identify three things you're not doing. For example, in the last month I've not written a press release, called a reporter, or focused any time on social media promotion. Once you identify your three to-dos, commit to doing each once a week for the coming month.

3. Drastically change one thing you're doing.

This really depends on the type of business you have, but find something that you regularly do to promote it and change it. For example, if you've been focused on writing articles for various directories to get links to your site, stop doing that and instead, spend time optimizing your Google adwords. Instead of advertising in the local paper find five blogs relevant to your audience and get involved in the community there by posting comments, responding, being part of the conversation.

4. Consider speaking with a business coach.

I've not spoken with an official business coach, but I do have people in my network who are really smart about businesses. When I feel stuck, I ask for an hour of their time (I offer to buy them a nice lunch and work around their schedule). Come to the meeting prepared with key questions and areas you want to talk about. For example, do you need a new PR strategy or do you have questions about your website and marketing? The more specific, the better.

About the Author

I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom!, a freshly minted entrepreneur, and an amateur writer.

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8 comments so far...

  • Thank you soooo much, this is what i needed. Planing to go to Project ( Tradeshow in Las Vegas)
    to show my Handbag line.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cindy Gellersen Designer of Bagstil Handbags on 14th June 2010

  • Hey Nataly

    Great suggestions. Made me think of 2 things I haven't done in a long time and 1 that I've never tried before. It's so easy to get stuck in the same pattern especially if your work from home most of the time. Thanks for the motivation.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Monica Neave on 9th April 2010

  • This is a great article and a wonderful motivation for many of us. Thanks for taking the time to share!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Jaydensmommy827 on 8th January 2009

  • That is exactly what I am feeling now, stuck at the same place, questioning prospect and future of my business.Thanks for your great advise.I should try it.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by happymom on 16th October 2008

  • Thanks this advise is sure going to come in handy for me since I'm just starting on my home Business. Please if you have any advise for someone like me i'll be glad to hear it. Any input is welcome
    Thank You
    Jessica Puente

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jdpuente on 22nd May 2008

  • Great tips!

    I am currently writing a book about relationships, exploring diff't work from home business oppt's, and exploring diff't career options as I'm attempting to re-define myself.

    I completely appreciate reading tips like this as they keep me up to date with the direction businesses are going in what techniques are needed to stay current and grow one' s business in the technology age.

    Very necessary. Keep it coming

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by caramelsugarberry38 on 9th April 2008

  • Nataly - I can definitely relate to that discouraged feeling! That is a great list and one that I will be printing out, highlighting and hanging at my desk! Thanks!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BlapherMJ on 9th April 2008

  • Thanks for the great tips!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Elena on 9th April 2008