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What Working Mothers REALLY Want this Mother's Day

The results of our recent Work It, Mom! survey may surprise you!

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Last month, we asked you: What do working moms really want for Mother's Day? And the biggest winner was, not more sleep, but "a half a day at the spa," with 22.5 percent of respondents eager for a little pampering. (Runner up: "Several quiet hours to spend by myself" with 16.1 percent of the vote, followed by "More sleep" in third place, with 15 percent -- apparently, when working moms get a little alone time, they prefer to spend it awake.)
We working moms think of everything; the tangible gift we'd most want to receive would make it more possible to spend a half a day at the spa -- namely, a gift certificate to one, which garnered 28.6 percent of the vote. Forget the flowers, perfume, and makeup, but please don't forget the jewelry; something with which to adorn our bodies got 14.7 percent, and something with which to improve our minds (like books or CDs) were the gift of choice for 13.9 percent of respondents.

How important is it that your significant other mark Mother's Day in some way? Very important, according to 58.1 percent of you. Another 34.6 percent said, "That would be nice," and we think you may be a little bit too demure about it... working moms, speak up and get what you want!

Regardless of whether your spouse remembers the day or not, the majority of you -- 69.3 percent -- feel that Mother's Day should be celebrated at home, not in the office.

The most interesting part of any survey are the answers the respondents write in themselves, and when we asked you what was your favorite Mother's Day gift, handmade gifts from your kids were the clear winners. Here are 10 more, in case you're looking to drop hints this year:

  • Diamond earrings -- so cliche, but I cried
  • Photo of my kids with, "We love you, Mommy"
  • Spent four hours at bookstore alone! Heaven
  • My kids' making a huge breakfast spread for me!
  • My daughters hand prints
  • Slept late, no makeup, dinner at a diner
  • Family birthstone necklace
  • Poem that hubby wrote for me from the kids
  • Having my kids and hubby with me
  • My favorite gift was this note from my then-17-year-old: "Dear Mom: I love you, even when I can't stand you. Love,__". I have this framed, on my desk.

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