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5 Tips For Raising Money For Your Business

by Nataly  |  5890 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

If you’re thinking about starting your own business or are already in the process of doing it, the question of whether you should raise some money for your venture will inevitably come up. It’s a good question and one you should be asking. I’ve spent a better part of my career being a venture capitalist and investing in small companies. Then I went and launched my own company called Work It, Mom!, which is a community for working moms. I’ve learned a lot about raising money from my experiences and I wanted to share some of it with you. I hope you find this useful and I am always eager to hear your reactions and questions, so please post them in the comments section.

Here are my 5 tips for raising money for your small business:

1. You don’t need to raise money to start a business and many businesses won’t require you to get outside funding at all.

You can start many businesses without much initial investment. Business cards are cheap or free, there are many ways to create a simple website without spending a lot of money, and you can start networking without going to expensive events by joining online communities and becoming an active participant in blog discussions that are relevant to your business. Before thinking about raising money, think about how much you can achieve to get your business going by spending very little money.

Here’s an idea that I’ve found useful when thinking about funding a business. Create a list of all the expenses you think you will have in starting and running your business. Depending on what type of business it is, this list will include everything from marketing materials, website, logo design, association fees, product development, marketing budget, PR budget, and so on. Then go through your list and next to each item write down a few ideas for how you can get this item done by being extremely frugal. For example, use free business cards from a place like instead of paying for fancy ones; instead of getting a dedicated designer to work on your logo, check out a place like where prices are much lower; find a free or very cheap way to get your website designed and hosted, and so on. Get in a frugal mindset and try to minimize your start-up expenses. The more progress you can make in your business without raising outside capital, the better off you’ll be.

2. Focus on generating revenues.

The best source of capital for your business is revenues. So before you think about raising money focus on how your business will generate revenues. What product are you selling and what will your clients be paying for it? Check out your competitors and their pricing. Think about how soon after launching your business you will be able to generate some revenues. For some businesses, like consulting, revenues come quickly, for others, like advertising-based internet companies, revenues come only after a certain level of traffic is achieved. Thinking about revenues and when you can realistically start generating them will help you plan for when you might need to raise some outside capital.

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I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom!, a freshly minted entrepreneur, and an amateur writer.

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  • I enjoyed this article a lot. Bootstrapping is a healthy way to start a new business, and it's the way I've always worked. One of my most successful businesses was started during a recession, and that often is the best time to start a new business. I recently started a new online marekting business for logo designers and their clients, and it offers wholesale prices on printing promotional items to new startup companies. It can be found at

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  • Thanks so much for providing this article. And this website. I have just gone into business for myself and recently discovered your website. Haven't had time to yet, but I look forward to exploring it more in depth.

    Corinna -- Summer Rose Scrapbooks

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Corinna Lyons-Revello on 17th October 2007

  • Mindy - it's a great group, I know many members who really speak wonders about it!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 25th September 2007

  • Nataly - Thanks for sharing your expertise in an area that you know well, and now from both sides! I'm not an entrepreneur, and don't know if I ever will go that route, but your advice sounds like it makes a lot of sense.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 10th September 2007