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Home Jobs Online -- How to Find and Get One

6 Tips to Finding and Getting a Work-At-Home Job

by Leslie Truex  |  4841 views  |  2 comments  |        Rate this now! 

Wouldn't it be nice to roll out of bed, slip on a robe and slippers, and shuffle down the hall to your home office to work? Today more than 137 million people worldwide do just that at least part time as more and more companies take advantage of the cost savings that telecommuting programs offer. One of the best places to find these companies is online, but you must beware. While more and more legitimate work-at-home jobs can be found online, so can scams. Here's what you need to know and do if you are looking for a real work-at-home job online.

1.) Understand that you aren't going to sign up to work at home. Telecommuting work is found in the same way that traditional work is found and usually involves an application or resume, and interview process.

2.) You can't pay to get hired. Any company that says you can work for it by sending some money is not offering a job. It's OK to invest in a good work-at-home job database or by hiring a professional resume writer, but you should never, ever, ever, pay to get hired. Let me add here that a legitimate company will never need to use your personal bank account to do business either. Never pay money nor use your own bank account in a work-at-home job.

3.) Be open to many job types. Instead of thinking, "I want to sit home and type," think about all the skills you have that can be used at home. Are you a good researcher? Do you have good phone skills? Are you highly organized? Are you creative? Can you write persuasively? Make a list of all your skills, experiences, talents and hobbies and search for jobs that need those attributes.

4.) Learn to do a job that has a high demand for workers. There are certain job types that have many job openings right now, such as copywriting, customer service, web and graphic design, medical transcription, writering, and more. If you can't do any of these jobs, why not learn how? Most can be either self-taught or learned through an online or correspondence course. 

5.) Look for work where jobs are posted. Most people get in trouble because they look for the wrong types of jobs in the wrong places. Use job-search sites, not search engines, to find work-at-home jobs. Visit reputable work-at-home websites (they offer articles, tips, and information beyond affiliate programs) to learn about working at home and also to get job leads.

6.) Be professional. I can't believe some of the email I receive from people who want to work at home who tell me they can type and yet their letters have typos and grammatical errors. Or they say they want to work at home, but provide no information on what they are qualified to do. You have one chance to convince a potential employer that you can do the job. The employer doesn't care about your childcare hassles or illness. She only cares about finding the best person to do the job. All your interactions should focus on what you can do for the employer.

About the Author

Leslie Truex is a the owner of and author of The Career Woman's Guide to Work-At-Home Success to be published by Adams Media in early 2009.

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2 comments so far...

  • Thanks Stephanie. I'm always open to networking with other work-at-home moms!

    You're right about there being a difference between telecommuting and having a business. Doing both, I know they both have pros and cons.

    - Leslie

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Leslie Truex on 18th June 2008

  • Leslie -
    Great article and I agree 100%. There are a number of work at home opportunities out there that are very good. I have a colleague that is even holding an event called WorkAtHomeMoms. If you would like to know more, let me know! I bet the two of you would love to network.

    I have worked at home for a number of years, but I do so from 2 businesses that I own. There is a big difference between home business ownership and working for another company from home. Thanks for the tips.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 17th June 2008