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7 Secrets of Highly Successful Work-at-Home Moms

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Would you like to become a WAHM (work-at-home mom)? Wondering whether it is possible for you?

You know, with everything you already do it seems like squeezing in a home business might cram up your life or maybe take it from 100 miles per hour to 300 miles per hour!

Well, I have great news for you! It can be done and it doesn’t have to take from your life -- instead, it can add to your life. I will be teaching you seven powerful things you can do right now to get you in the flow of running a household full of children and running a business without loosing any of hair on your head.So pull out a chair and listen up!

1.) What are we doing today? Create a schedule for yourself but don’t kill yourself trying to follow it to the tee. As moms we know that deciding to work from 9 a.m. to noon does not mean we will sit there for three hours straight without interruption. You will probably get up 20 or more times in three hours if you have small children around the house. But children do need and thrive on being on a schedule. If you have very young ones you should feed them and put them down for a nap at the same time everyday. Or at least try to do so.

As a mom of four with a 1-year-old baby, I know that my little one sometimes has plans of his own and will try to resist napping. When you have day’s like this where it seems like nobody is going with the flow, just relax and be grateful that you have the opportunity of being home with your children -- getting frustrated at the work that goes undone will only add stress to your life, and the very fact that you work from home is because your children are your priority. So if the work doesn’t get done, let it go, you can always catch up later or on the weekend. Besides, these interruptions are your most important work.

2.) What’s for dinner, Mom? Yeah, I know that sounds silly, but when the clock hits 5 p.m. do you know what your going to cook? If you don’t it will take you twice as long to get dinner ready. My suggestion is plan your meals a week in advance, put together a grocery list of everything you will need, and stock up for all those meals. This will save you lots of time. Another useful tool to use in the kitchen is a crock pot or slow cooker; you just throw everything in there in the morning and by 5pm dinner is ready. VOILA!

3.) Just say NO! It seems everyone wants a piece of you! Your sister wants you to take the kids for the weekend, your kid’s school wants you to bake four dozen cookies for a fundraiser event, your mother wants you to come over and fix her screen door, your best friend wants you to come over to talk about her impending divorce, a local charity wants you to volunteer, telemarketers want you to subscribe to the local newspaper... need I say more?

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Ismary Leon is a Work At Home Mom that is dedicated to helping other women achieve their dreams and to empower women to be multi-dimensional success stories. If you would like connect with Ismary you can visit her blog at; to learn more about how she can help you visit

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  • Wonderful suggestions. Especially agree that you *must* work when your child is napping/asleep for the night. One exception: if you're totally exhausted, take a little nap first.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 8th July 2008