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De-clutter your life

If you don't have a place for everything, then it's time to get rid of some stuff

by Lara Gallagher  |  6737 views  |  1 comment  |        Rate this now! 

What is the most important thing you could do to organize your life?  Did you say get rid of the clutter?  That's what I thought.  "A Place for everything and everything in it's place," is good advice unless you have too many Things and not enough Places.  Instead of going out and buying a bigger Place what do you say to just getting rid of some of the Things?  

The problem is that for most of us, it's more difficult than it sounds.  My preferred method is to start in one room. Box everything up that looks out of place, except for your kids maybe (or maybe not), and then toss it.  If this sounds too difficult then you could have one of your friends do it for you and then you could do it for her at her house.  I've never actually tried it but it sounds like a good plan doesn't it?  Lighting a match to it would make it even more fun.  

If you want a method that's a little less exciting, you could try my four-bin method.  When I'm clearing out a room I use big cardboard boxes or Rubbermaid bins.  If I'm clearing out a drawer or a small space I use plastic washtubs.  Label your bins for take away (belongs in another room), give away, throw away, and put away.

Now set a timer and go for it.  If it's not useful or beautiful then get rid of it.  The less time you have to think about it, the less you will torture yourself.  Don't make a big deal about the whole thing.  Things are just things.  They are not memories (take a picture) and they are not living beings (if they are, then use a really good disinfectant).  Your life will not be ruined if you get rid of something that you might want later.  Really.  What's the worst that can happen?  You might have to borrow it from a friend, you might have to buy a new one, or you might get organized! 

Could you live with that?

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Lara Gallagher writes from a small farm with 15 chickens, 4 kids, 1 husband and more mud and bugs than she can suck up a central vac. She blogs about her crazed organizing and daily life experiences on her website

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  • Good advice, as a professional organizer my best advice is to start on the easiest project first. Create some momentum and confidence in your self. Also ask for help! Exchange time with a friend who has the gift of organizing. Make her a meal, or babysit her kids as a barter or even trade cleaning and organizing . If you are too overwhelmed to even begin, call a professional, pick her brain and just pay a consulting fee. With any organizing job always start with purging the junk first, then you can begin to make the decisions on what's left. Ask yourself hard questions, when was the last time I needed or used this ? Organizing can be addicting once you get started, so don't be afraid to begin. For more helpful hints go to cluttered

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