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All alone: Taking a vacation by myself

It's not selfish to spend time and money on "just you"

by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound  |  7376 views  |  5 comments  |        Rate this now! 

This mom is getting a workation.  OK, in all honesty it's really a vacation but I'm excited to pepper it with voice-over work.  As I write this, I am on a plane ALONE headed to San Fransisco, where I will attempt to buy new sunglasses and then board another plane BY MYSELF to Maui.  Did you hear me?  I said I'm traveling ALONE.

The nitty gritty is that my big brother went and knocked up his wife and they now have a beautiful baby girl.  My husband, who values family above most everything (single speed bicycles and date night being the exceptions) insisted, when we learned that bro was spawning, that I had to get myself to Hawaii and meet my niece.

It took a couple of months for me to decide that it would not be selfish to spend somewhere around a grand on myself.  It would be perfectly fine to take a vacation by myself.  It would be a much needed break for me and perhaps even for my husband and children.  I believe all of that now, but when this discussion started I really had a hard time even entertaining the thought.  Doesn't my husband also deserve a vacation?  Couldn't we save that money and put it back into the business or into something for the whole family?  He insisted that it was time for just me and to take it while I could.

It's no secret that I have little to no outside help keeping the girls from running amok during the week while I'm also working at a job that requires said children to often be quiet.  I love my work and I love my children so I consider myself lucky.  I also consider myself strung out, exhausted, in over my head, freaked out, and any number of things.  Totally normal, right?  Right?  

I certainly need this break.  And the closer the date of departure came, the more excited I got.  Until two days before, a Sunday, when I got nervous.  I realized I was going to miss my two little girls.  I hadn't been away from the youngest at all and the oldest, almost 4, only missed me for one night when I was off giving birth to her sister.  I came home the next day.  And as for my husband, the fantastic father and generous husband who insisted on this trip, we've been apart less than a week total in the more than eight years we've been married.  And before that... well, let's just say I haven't traveled alone in well over eight years.

When I got to the airport in Boston I almost cried kissing them all goodbye.  Thoughts of tragedy kept entering my head (and I'm not an alarmist -- I flew right after September 11 when people were still in panic mode and you couldn't bring much on board with you).  My hands were shaking and my heart was beating like crazy.  I walked alone into that terminal and I thought I'd break down.  I've traveled a lot in the last several years and have never felt nervous.  Was I worried that I wouldn't see my family again?  Was a sad?  Was it just because I didn't have the distraction of car seats and sippy cups and a huge stroller?  Or was it because I wasn't sure what I was going to do ALONE?

About the Author

Mandy is a voice over artist, yoga instructor and mom to 2 princesses. Not always in that order.

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5 comments so far...

  • Wow, oh wow. How cool ... I am envious!! I love the thought of traveling without having to drag along 110 lbs of car seat, sippies, snacks etc. My friend recently suggested I take a one-day trip alone. Maybe your story is a sign of sorts that I should do it!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 6th October 2008

  • I LOVE the idea of a private vacation:) I'd love to try this once. I bet I could get a lot of work done, AND a lot of relaxation as well lol.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Chrys on 6th October 2008

  • Really, you haven't been alone in 8 years - you deserve Hawaii!!! so amazing that you get to go and see your brother and your new baby niece! enjoy enjoy enjoy and I have a feeling a new favorite will reign upon your return ;)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 3rd October 2008

  • Thanks, Nataly. Shhh, don't tell anyone...it's been 2 full days and I don't feel guilty at all. I almost wish you were here BUT being alone is just what I needed so maybe next time.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mandy Nelson - Dandysound on 3rd October 2008

  • I am so thrilled for you, seriously. I feel my own body relaxing into the Hawaiian sunshine as I read this. And oh, yes, I envy you girl! Please enjoy, guilt free!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 2nd October 2008