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Tips on Asking Your Employer About Flextime Options

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Flextime is great for working parents with young children, employees who are at the age of retirement but not ready to retire, and full-time employees who are going to school.

However, a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows that only about 28 percent of full-time and salaried employees in the USA had flexible work schedules.

If your employer does not currently offer an alternative work schedule, here are five tips on the best ways to go about asking.

1. Be the best employee you can be. Companies are going to offer flextime to good employees and not to slackers

2. Outline your job responsibilities and ways to measure productivity with your boss. Your boss will be impressed if you have established goals for yourself and let him know what to expect from you.

3. Address possible concerns and objections your boss may have right away. One of the biggest concerns is that companies cannot afford to offer flextime to all employees. What your employer should know is that, for financial or personal reasons, not all employees are interested in or would utilize flextime.

4. Make the proposal about the company and highlight ways flextime will benefit them. Increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and reduced stress are great examples. Focus on how flextime is great for your employer.

5. Start out small and on a trail basis. Suggest to your boss that you could use some flexibility during your daughter’s track season or while you are taking an extra class at school. If things work out during the trial period your boss may be more open to a flexible schedule in the future.

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