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The Did Do List

Finding ways to celebrate our wins

by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN  |  3195 views  |  4 comments  |        Rate this now! 

In today's world we judge ourselves by our major accomplishments. We may feel a sense of achievement when we get a degree, land a big account, or get a promotion. That sense of accomplishment is very short lived and we seem to only allow it when the events are big. I think it is safe to say that many people feel inadequate and frustrated that they can't get more done. We fill our schedules up each and every day with our to-do lists and we never get it all done. This leaves us feeling anxious, depleted, and often like we are failing at the lives we have set up for ourselves.

Don't get me wrong. I am a list person and really can't live without my to-do list at the beginning of the day. The problem arises when we don't celebrate our accomplishments big or small on a daily basis. Instead it is just do this, do that, do, do, do. Then the next day we wake up and start over again.

I had a life coach share with me a little strategy that has made a huge impact on my life and the way I view my day. She told me to make a "did- do" list at the end of the day. This gets us in the mind frame of giving ourselves just a little appreciation for all we do in a day. This doesn’t mean you have to accomplish huge tasks each and every day, instead it is celebrating little accomplishments like, "I exercised today", or "got some quality time with my kids after work". It is amazing how using this little life strategy at the end of your day can really shift all the anxiety around not getting enough done to recognizing all that you do.

Some days you will have many amazing did do's and other days you'll have to dig up the little things like I made the bed. Your did-do list may look something like:

  • I made the bed
  • Ate a great, healthy breakfast
  • Did yoga for a half hour
  • Spoke to 2 potential clients
  • Drew up a contract with company x
  • Went to the post office
  • Ate 5 fruits and vegetables
  • Read to my kids
You get the picture. Instead of putting all of your energy and focus on what you need to do, take some time to recognize the accomplishments in your day. No one else will do it for us so we have to provide our own pat on the back at the end of the day.

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Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian, and a columnist for Work It, Mom! and the founder of Real Living Nutrition Services, an online weight loss program that empowers people to make small changes s

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4 comments so far...

  • Oh Daisy, I love that! It is more celebratory.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Meri Raffetto RD, LDN on 26th October 2007

  • I like the term I learned from a boss many years ago. I write a To-Do list, but the did-Do is called the "Ta-da!" It feels celebratory and satisfying at the same time.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 26th October 2007

  • omg this is brilliant! what's funny is when i am frustraited with my job i work on my resume - not really to look for another job - but to review my accomplishments and give myself a little pat on the back! So smart to do it every day!!

    i am so excited tooo!!! adding it to my to-do list! lol!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 24th October 2007

  • Right after I type this I am closing my computer and for 5 minutes working on my Did Do list. I LOVE this idea!!! (If you can't tell my excitement:) Every day is about trying to get a million things done, and most of the time, at night I stare at a to-do list half-finished. This constant feeling of not having done enough can really get you down sometimes - and I think as busy moms we need to stop and give ourselves a little credit for what we HAVE done. Thank you!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 23rd October 2007