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Thanksgiving leftovers? Do more with less

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Happy Thanksgiving! You’ve spent weeks planning and/or stressing, making travel arrangements, and figuring out what you want to serve. You’ve spent hours prepping and primping and cooking and baking. But if you really want to plan ahead, now is a great time to figure out what to do with all of those leftovers you’re bound to have on your hands.

We’ve already talked about the many things you can do with a leftover turkey — fine, roast chicken is similar. You can transform it into soup, or salad, or an overstuffed sandwich, for instance. But what about the rest of those Thanksgiving leftovers? The green beans? The mashed potatoes? The stuffing?

1.) Mashed potatoes: Use them to top a turkey-filled shepard’s pie, mashed potato pancakes, or Spanish croquettes.

2.) Green beans: If they’re mushroom-soup-free, saute them with tomatoes and basil; if they’re coated with sauce and fried onions, slice them into thinner strips and add them to a cream-based pasta sauce or brown some crumbled sausage and create a new casserole.

3.) Sweet potatoes: Make a holiday sweet potato cake, slip them into a slow-cooking stew, or whip up a delicious sweet potato bisque.

4.) Cranberry Sauce: Try a batch of morning-after muffins, slather it on cream cheese-coated crackers, or make it into a pie.

5.) Stuffing: Use it to stuff something else, like a roulade, spoon a serving on top of beef stew, or mound it into muffin tins and freeze to serve with other meals.

6.) Pies and cakes: Bring them over to my house.

What other kinds of leftovers are you looking at? Share your holiday tricks in the comments!

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