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How to be “Even Steven”

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Do you remember that Seinfeld episode in which Jerry calls himself Even Steven? He loses a girlfriend and meets someone the next day. He loses a stand-up gig and five minutes later another gig is offered to him. He throws twenty bucks out the window, only to find a twenty dollar bill in a jacket pocket a few minutes later.

That’s me, Even Steven.

I have often felt as though Graham and I have a guardian angel looking after our financial matters. Every time we experience a job loss, another opportunity seems to come through for us, sometimes seemingly out of nowhere.

A few weeks ago I had to make a choice between teaching in the classroom and teaching online. Sure, I’d lose some income but I figured I’d also have fewer expenses to go out of pocket for; lunch, gas, and parking fees would all disappear with the elimination of classroom teaching.

Then last week I received a text message from a former colleague at the publishing company where I used to work. “You interested in doing any freelance work?” she asked. I couldn’t believe my luck.

When I texted Graham to tell him about this, he responded with an “LOL.”

I was Even Steven again.

It has become a bit of a private joke between us that somehow, something will come through. I’m not sure if it’s just that we have good karma or that we’ve both just had so many jobs between us and work so hard at networking that some job, some source of income, some opportunity comes along at just the right time.

Whatever the reason, there are a few really easy and important ways to make sure that your name is the first one that comes up whenever an opportunity for work arises. Here are my three favourite strategies for being Even Steven:

1. Network. Join a networking group, whether it is a Facebook group of writers, a LinkedIn group or an in-person group of like-minded people. For example, I recently joined a brand new networking group for women in business in the area where I live, which I discovered through a post in an online classifieds site. The point of the group is to refer business to one another and also to learn about how to run a small business effectively. Oh, and to drink a little wine together, which I’m always a fan of.


2. Keep your eyes peeled. Watch your social media streams for opportunities. Follow companies and websites that post the positions they have available so that opportunity falls into your social media feeds effortlessly. Then when something comes up that you’re interested in, pounce.

3. Never burn a bridge. Leave everyone you work with feeling as though they received their money’s worth by working with you or employing your services. You never know when your name might come up as the next talented individual the company wants to hire again.

Do you have good luck with jobs? What’s your best advice for people who want to be “Even Steven”?

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2 comments so far...

  • I’ve totally had the Even Steven luck. It sucks sometimes that I’ll get an extra bit of freelance income and then immediately have an unexpected expense come up and sucks that money right back out, but I always think how lucky that we had that extra money right when we needed it.

    I also love your advice.

    Leah K  |  April 3rd, 2013 at 3:10 pm

  • Glad things worked out for you!

    Hillary  |  April 3rd, 2013 at 3:39 pm