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Five Must-haves for a Functional and Beautiful Home Office

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My home office is not something I would ever consider beautiful. I guess that’s why I love to imagine a beautiful and organized place for me to work in at home. I do hope to remedy this situation soon, giving my home office a bit of a face lift this summer.

Because we only have one child, our three-bedroom home has a room that is devoted to work. Unfortunately, that room is also devoted to piles of…stuff. As I write, there is a pile of books on the floor that is destined for either donation or the trash. There is a box of newly-delivered business supplies in the other corner, and my recycling bin is overflowing. The vacuum cleaner has also mysteriously appeared against one wall.

I do make efforts to keep the home office organized. I have a filing cabinet, a book case, and a pair of shelves on the wall above my desk with bins and baskets for pens, post-it notes and other office supplies, but the arrangement of them is far from pretty.

Office Cat

Not exactly the look and feel of a dream home office around here…

Like recipes, I also collect photographs of beautiful home offices. And like all social media junkies, the place I turn to for inspiration is Pinterest. I have a board on Pinterest called Home Office Inspiration where I’ve gathered photos of some prettily organized home office spaces from which to draw inspiration for fixing up my home office space.

I looked at my Home Office Inspiration collection to figure out what I like best about these home offices and what needs to be done to bring mine up to snuff.

1. Natural light. My office does have a big window that faces northeast. The light in the morning is particularly lovely. All I need to do to fix up the window in the home office is to put up some curtains or another pretty window dressing.

2. Open shelving for office supplies, books and files. I do have open shelving already so they just need to be fixed up and more efficiently organized.

3. Decorative accessories and artwork. This is an area I am lacking in. My home office is functional but not stylish.

4. A soothing color on the walls. Yikes. The walls in this room are a shade of yellow called “corn muffin” or something similar. It is not a soothing color. So it seems like my first step in fixing up the home office should be to paint.

5. A simple desk surface on which to work. I’ve got a large, simple surface to work on…we picked up this IKEA desk years ago and it has worked really well ever since. I don’t need to buy any new furniture.

Is your home office setup working well for you? Is it a place you enjoy working in?

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