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Summer sleep-away camp supplies

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I am in a TIZZ about Elizabeth going to Girl Scouts camp this summer. I’m GLAD she’s going, and I’m glad she WANTS to go, but it’s a week and this is the first time and ack.

I HAVE been having fun buying things, though. She’s supposed to bring old grubby clothes, but she went up a size this year so all her clothes are new. So I went to Goodwill and bought a bunch of things for $1-2 each: shorts, long pants, t-shirts, a sweatshirt. And Target had a bunch of t-shirts and leggings at 70% off, so I bought some of those, too.

Other fun purchases:

Each girl needs her own mess kit. The Girl Scouts shop has a mess kit with a logo on it (photo from for $25, but that felt a little high. I found the SAME mess kit without the logo (same brand, same color, same items even though the dunk bag isn’t in the picture) on Amazon for $15.84 (photo from

When I was little, my grandmother gave me a pad of fold-and-mail stationery (photo from, and I remember thinking it was a mind-blowing concept. This sort of thing rarely has the same impact for the next generation (”I remember when we got COLOR TELEVISION!!”), but I found a pad of it at Marshalls and got it for her for writing letters home. She does like it, though the wow factor is, as expected, not quite as wowish.

Everything has to be labeled with the child’s name. EVERYTHING. I usually use a regular Sharpie marker to label their coats and stuff for school, but I saw these special fabric Sharpies (photo from and I’m hoping the ink will bleed less.

She’s supposed to bring two water bottles. These (photo from are similar to the ones I bought: I went to Target and got the same $3.99 pink Embark 16-ounce kind she uses for school, with a flippy-straw, which aren’t in the online store.

Also at Target I bought her a pair of Champion water shoes (photo from for swimming, boating, and showers.

I have deep regrets that she needs a raincoat RIGHT AFTER I sensibly turned down several cheap-raincoat opportunities: a $1.79 one at Goodwill, and several clearance ones at Target. I was thinking, “Yes, they’re cute and cheap, but she wears a raincoat, like, three times a year.” Then I was proud of myself for resisting unnecessary purchases. Then I got the camp packing list. I’m thinking of buying several of these $3.99 ponchos (photo from, OR I could get the $20.00 Lands’ End raincoat we’ve liked in the past, but then the camp will be like “Oh great, another parent buying BRAND-NEW, BRAND-NAME stuff to get trashed at CAMP!” UG, I wish I had the $1.79 one!

They need a flashlight. I’ve been looking for a reason to buy the Hello Kitty flashlight (photo from MERGING OF GOALS.

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