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Life-improving products, part 4

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(Continued from part 1, part 2, and part 3.)

Stearns Youth Life Vest (photo from I’d been too scared to take the kids to any body of water other than a swimming pool, because I couldn’t imagine keeping track of them all at once in water that didn’t have walls and lifeguards. I’d be okay with the older two swimming around, but not the younger three: they still sometimes sink and thrash during their swimming lessons. Near the end of last summer I bought a life jacket to see if it would help the situation (I didn’t want to buy three and find out they weren’t any good), and it was one of the best purchases of my entire life. This summer I bought two more. We went to the lake, and the three little kids swam around to their hearts’ content, and I barely freaked out at all.

The sizing on this says 50-90 pounds, but notice that many of the reviewers strenuously object to that. The three little kids at my house are 6-8 years old and weigh in the 45-55 range, and these vests fit them just right with some room to grow (and fit Henry well last summer when he was 5)—but it’s hard to imagine the vests still fitting at 90 pounds.

Spinbrush Electric Toothbrushes (photo from These are inexpensive enough (about $7 on sale at Target) that I have one for each of the kids. A 2-pack of replacement heads goes on sale for about the same price as the toothbrush. There are several different types of these; I try to get ProClean rather than ProWhitening, but I think we’ve had some of each without me noticing a difference.
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Signs of spring

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Spring is such sweet, sweet relief. No more slushy boots, no more icy roads.

I’ve put away my nice warm boots and I’m back in Converse (photo from So is the teenaged assistant at the kids’ karate class, which worries me: do Converse bridge the generations, or is one of us off our mark?

I like the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms: I keep one in my pocket and use it like regular chapstick, but I like the little bit of color. When I bought the Sweet Violet (photo from, I’d expected a purpley color for fall—but it’s more of a lilac-pink, perfect for spring.
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Cheap but good

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Every so often, someone will do a post on things they will/won’t buy generic. I am strictly brand-name on things like lotion and body wash and conditioner—but I’m CHEAP brand-name, which seems like it could be its own category. Like, I buy only brand-name face moisturizer, but the brands I like cost less than $10 a bottle; that seems different than only using La Mer.

So today I’d like to talk about the things we like that are brand-name but CHEAP.

1. Dove Deep Moisture face lotion (photo from I don’t have a link for this one, and it is for a panicky reason: I saw it on Amazon for, like, $40 a bottle by non-Amazon sellers, and there’s no way I’m linking to that crazy talk because it’s usually $7 a bottle. So I went to the Dove site to get a link from there instead and THE FACE LOTION IS NOWHERE ON THE SITE. Does this mean it’s…gone? I last bought it when it was on a good sale, and I got three bottles of it so I haven’t needed to buy it for a long time.
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