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Girls’ Easter dresses

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One of my favorite of Elizabeth’s phases was her Dresses Phase. She liked to wear dresses almost every single day, and I loved to buy dresses almost every single day, so it was a happy partnership. Now she is in her Skirts Phase, which is nice too.

The best times of year to buy inexpensive dresses were: (1) Easter clearance, (2) summer clearance, and (3) Christmas clearance. The Easter/Christmas dresses were fanciest; I sometimes thought I should send a note in to Elizabeth’s teacher saying, “Don’t worry, it looks like $40 and dry-clean-only and parents-will-pitch-fit-if-paint-gets-on-it, but it was $8 and at home we’re letting her wear it in the mud.”

Tutu dress (photo from Sleeveless dresses seem impractical, but they’re easy to wear over tights and a long-sleeved shirt.

Tiered gingham dress (photo from This could be a sundress, or a cute school outfit with white tights and shirt.
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Gift ideas for guys

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Gift ideas for guys seem to fall into the same category as gift ideas for teenagers: with so few ideas, sharing what little we have can only improve matters. So here are some of the things I’ve given Paul recently, in case they’d work for your guy too:

Cooking for Geeks (photo from I was irritated but affirmed when I bought this for Paul for an upcoming holiday and then saw he’d checked the same book out of the library.

Paul kept complaining about (and breaking the handles off of) my “sucky” measuring cups, so I did a post asking for advice on a good manly set. To my surprise and dismay, the comments section filled up with suggestions for measuring cups that cost about triple the amount of money I’d had in mind. But I thought about it and got used to the idea that maybe better quality = costs more, and then there was a sale combined with a free shipping deal, and so I bought him a set of the Williams-Sonoma measuring cups and spoons (photo from—and Paul LOVES them. On the next gift occasion, he hinted that he would also like the odd-sizes set, so I got him those too. (He was slightly cheesed that the two sets of measuring cups don’t nest together, but it wasn’t a big deal.)
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