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It really isn’t easy being green…especially when you are dead

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A lot has been said in recent years of the green movement and of moms helping their families to leave a smaller carbon footprint. But what are we doing to plan for the inevitable?

Yes, I’m talking about the day we or someone in our family dies.

I’ve often pondered about how I would want my life celebrated when I die and considering that my mom died at the age of 47, I know that I’m not guaranteed that it will be 50 years from now.

Considering that I call myself a tree-hugging goddess worshiper, almost any service in an official house of worship is just about out. And I’ll certainly haunt y’all if you have to sit through a service where my loved ones don’t get to say their own piece. Also, there must be some good music - Don’t worry, I am crafting a mix in my head.

But outside of the official gatherings, I worry about my body.

I seriously. do. not. want. to. be. embalmed. No way, no how, no gross toxic fluids in my body.

Thankfully there are those in the green movement who are on the case! In my recent Coop America mailing there is a fabulous article called, “Greening Your Final Arrangements.” It goes through the hazards of embalming, why those cement boxes we are placed in are bad for the environment, the options we do have for opting out of embalming and green burials/cremations. Sadly green burials, while legal, are hard to come by due to a shortage of green cemeteries.

But I’m hopeful though. I’m hopeful that I’ll live a long and fulfilled life. I’m hopeful that by the time I need to make those decisions again that we’ll all have a wider range of choices and options for how we leave this physical world.

I know we are all told we need a will so that those we leave behind are taken care of and many of us had birth plans, but do any of you have burial plans? I try not to think of it as a morbid topic, rather an extension of my desire to have agency over my body.

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One comment so far...

  • I am a CPA and financial planner that helps families make more affordable funeral arrangements.

    I have found a growing interest in “green” burials. In addition to possible being less expensive, they appeal to the growing cadre of baby boomers.

    You can learn more about funerals here:

    Mike  |  September 8th, 2008 at 1:41 pm

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