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Categories: feminism, politics

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VOTE No punditry here today mamas. Just a simple message to remind you to vote on Tuesday. I am overwhelmed by the images of people standing in lines hours long to early vote as well as the forecast that people may have to do the same on Tuesday. This is democracy in action. I think we’ve all seen the photos and video clips from elections in other countries, where people walk from their villages miles away just to vote. Now we have similar lines.

I am hopeful that we will have record numbers of voters this year, record young people, Latinos, African-Americans, heck, everyone. I’m still trying to figure out my election night plans. But I know we’ll be watching the returns with our daughter.

If you are still unsure on who to vote for whether it is for President or your state senator, check out Project Vote Smart and they will give you a list of current elected officials and candidates.

Cookie magazine has an excellent interactive map that outlines some of the family-related ballot initiatives some of you will voice your opinion on. From expanding child insurance, banning abortions, to same-sex marriage, there are plenty of issues to consider.

Concerned about legal issues around voting? The American Bar Association has a comprehensive page on the issues. They are also encouraging lawyers to get involved on election day. Find out what to do if you are not allowed to vote or what to do if you make a mistake on your ballot.

You should also know that if you run into any problems at the polls, you should contact Election Protection at 1-866-OUR-VOTE and they will help you out. I know in Illinois you do not need an ID to vote, but most people are recommending that you do bring one just in case.

And lastly the dreaded judges…I say that because we rarely hear about judges in the news so I feel at a total loss on how to vote on their retention or just making them a judge. Luckily most state and local bars rate the judges and give you some guidance. The Illinois Bar lists evaluations by county. Now if only I’d remember to bring them to the poll! So go check your state bar! Your local newspaper’s website might also have a sample ballot too.

Good luck out there folks. Remember not to wear any candidate buttons, hats, t-shirts, etc when you go and vote. Leave them at home to be safe, ok?

Come back here on Wednesday for an election wrap-up. Hopefully we’ll know who the next President is then, but at the very least we’ll know about the status of the Congress and most of the ballot initiatives. For my feminist readers I’ll be hosting a feminist town forum at my personal blog on Wednesday night at 7 pm EST. Please join me and a host of others as we figure out what should happen next. Whether or not you can join us, please leave comments here or at my blog on what issues feminists should be focusing on during the next administration. The election might be over soon, but the real work is only just beginning!


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