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5 accessories to keep your electronic gadgets working on the road

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With a kid 4 hours away in college, and other kids in sports, we do a lot of traveling. And, like it or not, traveling these days often involves a lot of electronic gadgets, and the gadgets require their own gadgets to keep them working when you’re on the road.

Over the years, we’ve perfected our travel electronics routine and have learned to have certain accessories on hand to keep everything going, and everyone happy. I keep a bag I call (oddly enough) the “electronics bag” with these supplies in it, and it has saved our sanity on the road more than once:

1. Car lighter socket splitter - when everyone’s in the car, there’s never enough sockets to plug things in. so we keep a 3 way splitter in each car. (Shop carefully and be sure to get a quality one for safety, though.)

2. Extra ear phones - Self-explanatory. Someone is bound to forget theirs and blame everyone else for it. Preserve your sanity and theirs by producing that spare set when you’re 100 miles from nowhere.

3. Spare phone charger - Just like the ear phones, someone is bound to forget a phone charger. Occasionally, that someone is me. Fortunately, we all have the same phone, so we just have one kind to keep a spare for.

4. Inverter - This gadget can provide a handy 110V outlet to power small gadgets (again, be careful and buy quality, test it out to be safe) that don’t have a car adapter.

5. FM modulator - If I’m driving kids by myself, once I get everyone settled in the back seat, I like to listen to podcasts. My car is older, and doesn’t have a line-in jack or a place to connect an iPod, so this gadget that uses an FM radio frequency to play your stuff can be handy. They’re not always the best sound quality, but they serve their purpose for me.

What kinds of things do you take on the road to keep your electronic gadgets going? Tell us in the comments below.

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