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Raindrops on Roses, Snowflakes on Windows

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Hello! Did you know that today is not Thursday? You did? Then why didn’t you clue me in on this fact. This whole Christmas thing has just ruined my already tenuous grasp of what day of the week it is. Such is a hazard of working at home, where everyday is a working day.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is by far my most favorite time of year. It is a time when you can have all of the fun of the holidays, but none of the soul sucking stress. And it can be soul sucking, can’t it? Even when you try not to let all of the stress get to you, it does. Because all of those people out shopping and in your way all the time, it can inspire target aisle rage. And by you, I mean me.

But this week after Christmas, we like to decorate the house for New Years, bake our gingerbread house, and make more cookies. Because we can always use an excuse for cookies.


I came across this snowflake garland at Apartment Therapy that is part of a display at Anthropologie. Oh how fun, I thought! We could make something like a cut snowflake curtain! How fun would that be.

And you know what I realized as we began doing this… that it would be fun. If I had my own Chinese sweatshop filled with workers adept with small pointy scissors. Instead I have a few easily distracted children, with questionable eye hand co-ordination, and safety scissors.

After a few failed attempts I had to revise my expectations.

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Gingerbread: Not as Difficult as You Think

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No, really it isn’t!


It’s like doing an edible craft!

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Craft Time: Tin Can Lanterns

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I have always been envious of people I know who are able to do fabulous crafts with their kids. Though I am an artist, and have the paper in my basement to prove it, I seem to be lacking the crafting gene. My kids, like most kids, love to do crafts. I think this is because they feel as though they are contributing to the decor of the house, and don’t think of it as one more macaroni covered piece of clutter.

When you think about it, how much of what is in your home was actually picked out by them?

The holidays are the perfect time to make time for crafts. They are seasonal, which means you don’t have to feel bad when you “store” them at the town dump. It is a nice way to spend a cold stormy day when everyone is trapped in the house and about to tear each other’s throats out. And since it is a holiday, you can drink eggnog and eat cookies while you do it.

This week we made tin can lanterns.


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