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Did They Eat It? Meatball Edition

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I made this meal last week and had the foresight to photograph and note the results. I have not cooked since then because we’ve been out of town in a city where you can eat dinner on a street corner if you’d like.

I made this recipe for Oven-Baked Meatballs with Quick Marinara from Family Fun’s Supper Solutions section. I’ve used their dinner recipes before because they’re generally geared toward kids. I also added a secret ingredient to the recipe totally inspired by Deceptively Delicious, making the failed experiment not a complete waste of time.

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Did They Eat It? Orange Beef Stir Fry Edition

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Once a month I help after school unloading and sorting the items from our school’s ongoing fundraiser. This month was pie month and my friend, who is the chairperson for this fundraiser, is a robot. She set her sales goal at 200 pies, last year the school sold around 80 pies. She made it happen because she is a robot. If you ever wondered what 200 pies look like I’ll tell you: they look like a lot of work.
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Did They Eat It? Potato Soup Edition.

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Yesterday was a busy day and not particularly my favorite day ever. I’m trying to approach bad days like the British from now on. Instead of having anxiety attacks and debating throwing myself from a bridge I am instead understating the badness of things. The day? It was? Regrettable.

I decided to make this Potato Cheddar and Bacon soup from the website.  A few weeks ago some friends mentioned the Kraft website as a place they find quick to make and serve dinners. That’s what I want on a busy Monday so the soup seemed like a good trial.
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