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The Working Closet

with Susan Wagner

The Working Closet is your source for the best of what's hip and fresh in fashion and beauty. Susan Wagner keeps you up-to-date on trends and offers tips and tricks for making everything in your closet truly work for you.

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How to fake awake (when you’re really not)

Categories: basics


My husband and I stayed up late last night, to watch Game Six of the World Series (go Cardinals!). Of course, we sent our baseball-crazed nine-year-old to bed in the fifth inning, because today is a school day and he needed his sleep. But we’re grown ups! We can maul through!


Being a grownup means getting too little sleep too often, for all kinds of reasons, good and bad. I was glad I stayed up until the end of the game last night, but this morning I’m beat — and I’m sure I look it. Here are a few quick tricks for faking awake on the morning after a late night.

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How do you jump start your style?

Categories: basics



I’m in a style rut, you all. Ok actually, right this moment, I am in a pair of yoga pants and the universe’s most comfortable hoodie because I haven’t had time to get dressed today, but you get my point. I’m starting to feel like I wear the same things over and over again, and it’s getting a little bit boring.

I need to amp up my style. Somehow. Ideally, without buying anything new. Is that even possible?

Yes. Yes it is.

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I am incapable of flying with only a carry on bag

Categories: beyond 9 to 5



I’m flying to Chicago tomorrow, for two and a half days. I was determined not to check a suitcase, because two days! How much stuff could I possibly need?

Yeah, I’m totally checking my bag. I can’t figure out how to make it all work otherwise.

I am a minimalist traveler. I wholeheartedly believe that “one carry-on bag” should mean one bag, not one bag plus your handbag (you know who you are). If you can’t get it all in one bag, you do not need it on the plane. Period. We flew to China a couple of years ago and I carried one bag on the plane with me, and had everything I needed for the entire flight.

Somehow, though, I cannot manage to apply that approach to my actual suitcase.

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How to style a maxi skirt

Categories: beyond 9 to 5



I’ve always been intrigued by the maxi skirt; I love the idea of a piece that is as easy as yoga pants but still polished enough to go pretty much anywhere. To really make a maxi skirt work, think about both the shape of the skirt and what you pair it with. Here are three quick tips for styling your maxi this fall.

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