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Birchbox is the perfect last-minute gift for her (or you!)

Categories: beauty


Do you know about Birchbox? This may truly be my Favorite Thing of 2011.


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why maternity jeans are worth the investment

Categories: maternity


Jane is 15 weeks pregnant with baby #3. “I loaned all of my maternity clothes to a good friend in the summer,” she writes, “and she’s due in about 3-4 weeks. I’m at the point where I can’t use the belly band much longer because my regular jeans are starting to feel uncomfortable everywhere, not just in the waist/hip area that I can’t button or zip. I can do without tops for now…I borrowed some from another friend, and I can make do with my cardigans to cover up the bump that is slowly emerging.

But I feel very strongly about having one good pair of jeans. I think I have two in my stash (on loan to the girlfriend), and I love them both. But alas, I don’t have them. Should I just stick it out until she has her baby or should I bite the bullet and buy a new pair? I tried a pair of full-panel maternity boot-cuts at GAP maternity, and I gasped — they looked so amazing and felt soooooo comfortable. But it was about $70 at the store. Right now, as I am typing this email, there is an online promotion for 40% off your purchase, and the jeans would be just under $40. that’s still a lot of money to me, ESPECIALLY for one item of maternity wear.

“What should I do? Any other cheap/free alternatives come to mind?”


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the best hosiery options for holiday dressing

Categories: accessories


It’s party time, which means that most of us are standing in the closet wondering what the hell to wear to the next gathering. Sometimes, we’ve got the big picture down but are lost when it comes to the details. Specifically, what to wear on our legs.

“I’m going to a holiday party in a few weeks,” writes Laura, “and have a great sleeveless, knee length black wrap dress that I’m going to wear. What kind of hosiery and shoe style would be appropriate this season–not crazy about the vibrant colored tight look. As an additional note, we live near Chicago so it’s quite cold already. Any advice is appreciated.”


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