Game time! What do you wear to kids’ sporting events?

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J. CrewI am 43. I manage to dress ok for the office but I struggle with the baseball, soccer and hockey games. I feel like I always fall back on jeans and a tee with sneakers. Flip flops when it is warm. Like you said, bleachers are uncomfortable. The weather is also temperamental in the spring on the east coast. Freezing one day, scorching hot the next. I also worry about looking like I tried too hard or didn’t try hard enough.

I am a total Sports Mom. My ten-year-old plays baseball and basketball; my 12-year-old takes kickboxing and mixed martial arts classes. We have some type of class or practice or game virtually every single day.

And I love it.

Getting dressed for all these kid sporting events can be tough, for a lot of reasons: The weather, the bleachers, the other parents. How do you know what’s the right thing to wear to all those games and practices and classes?

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Style after 40: dos and don’ts

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Show of hands: How many of you are 40? 40-ish? 40-something? 39 and holding? I thought so.

I’m turning 45 in a few weeks (cupcakes for all!) and I’ve been thinking a lot about what the rules are for style after 40. Should I still be wearing shorts? A bikini? Hot pink?

Julia RobertsJulia Roberts says, “What UP, 46?”

Fashion is so confusing. Especially when you’re not the target demographic for most fashion editorials but still want to look fabulous. Because who doesn’t want to look fabulous?

I do. And I assume you do, too. Right?

So what are the rules for women over 40?

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Toss or keep? How to decide

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I am constantly editing my closet, making decisions about what stays and what goes, based on what I’m wearing and what I’m wanting and what I’m loving. But every once in a while, I find myself staring at a piece — a blouse or skirt or dress — and thinking, hmm, maybe I should keep this … but maybe not.

I know you’ve been there. Right?


I hear from lots of women who say, “I would love to do a big closet purge and edit my wardrobe, but I’m afraid I will get rid of something and regret it later. How do I know what to keep and what to part with?”

The short answer: You don’t, always. Not helpful, I know. But let’s think this through.

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Last-minute black tie

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Stacy has a rather enviable dilemma.

My husband and I are expected to be called nearly last minute (about 10 days) to substitute at an industry black tie event. The event is in NYC, at the W Hotel. That is all I know right now.

We don’t have black tie lives, so I would like to avoid buying something for one evening where I will know no one. I’m 52, 5 feet tall and about a size 10. I have a great LBD that is heavy satin material and tailored for me. I have great big pearls that were a gift and good diamond earrings. I’m thinking with evening shoes and a good bag. I’ll be set. I feel my only long option I own is dated and not appropriate. I’m also afraid that a long dress will make me look short and a little stumpy.

However, my mother, who is old school, says I must wear a long dress since it is black tie. Internet searches yield about a 70/30 split long/short with the older women wearing long on the east coast. My sister says there will be all kinds of outfits since people are coming from all over the country. She says channel my inner Audrey Hepurn, throw up my hair and wear the great LBD.

Now that’s a great problem to have.

First of all, the NYC W is one of my absolute favorite hotels ever; so swanky and hip and a great place for a party. Plus the idea of a fun black tie date night makes me a little jealous. I’m just hoping my husband and I can sneak away to see “Skyfall” sometime soon.


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Peplums: yay or nay?

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Last weekend, a curvy friend asked how I felt about peplums. My answer: Meh.

I am not entirely opposed to a peplum; properly deployed, that little overskirt can be kind of fun. For example, I’m loving this Alice + Olivia dress with the lace overlay. It’s simple and sleek and has a clean, minimalist line. Lovely.

Alice + Olivia, $440

But that’s not really what we’re talking about when we talk about peplums, is it? Typically, a peplum is a little less minimalist and a little more … hippy.

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Printed denim after 40? Oh, I don’t think so

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My super cute friend Suzanne has a question: “What are your thoughts on printed jeans for women in their 40s?” Ooh, that’s a really good question.


I would like to have an open mind about printed denim for grownups — I refuse to believe that age is ever a really valid reason not to wear something you love. In fact, I just bought a pair of neon pink skinny corduroys and I am totally smitten with them, even though the combination of neon and skinny really seems to be something that would work much better on a younger woman. I’m also hesitant to argue that a print is not appropriate for anyone’s post-40 body. I’m a big fan of printed pants, particularly for grown up women — I mean, is there anything more chic than a crisp pair of graphic print capris? I think not.

But I just cannot get behind printed denim for grown ups. Sorry.

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5 ways to get out of the house faster in the morning (and still look good)

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Morning is my favorite time of day; I get up early and make a cup of tea and have some quiet time before I wake my kids. And then I run around like a crazy person trying to get them both ready for school. Fortunately, I work at home, which means that I can throw on my running clothes to take the kids to school and worry about looking presentable later in the day. Go me.


On the days I have to be somewhere, though, the combination of waking the boys, making the lunches and getting myself dressed frequently leaves me in need of a nap by 10 am. So what’s the strategy for getting out of the house in the morning without losing your mind? Try this.
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skinny jeans after 40

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I recently found a pair of dark-wash Eileen Fisher skinny jeans on sale — for a ridiculous price — and I took the plunge. I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the looks I have been able to pull off, but other looks have bombed, and I look like I’m wearing my daughter’s outfit.

My experiences suggest that the length of the top is critical. I was wondering if you have any advice — what guidelines should I keep in mind while choosing tops to go with my skinny jeans? I’m 41 and I definitely don’t want to look like I’m dressing in clothes or styles that are too young for me.


Eilleen Fisher Skinny Ankle Jeans

I love skinny jeans. Love love LOVE them. The amazing thing about skinny jeans is how great they look on just about everyone, including 40-something moms with curves. But there are a few tricks to looking super fab — and age-appropriate — in your skinnies.

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What I packed for my family vacation

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We’ve just come home from a week of family vacation, in the Colorado mountains. This was the first vacation we’ve taken with our kids where everyone was old enough — and interested enough — to do really big things. We went rafting and hiking and rock climbing and horseback riding.

It was awesome. And exhausting.

photo 1

Packing for a vacation with kids can be tricky; after all, you’ll essentially be doing exactly what you do at home (wrangling children) but in an unfamiliar place. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you’ll be doing some cool, out-of-the-ordinary things, stuff you wouldn’t do on a normal Tuesday. Like whitewater rafting, just for example.

So what do you pack? Here’s what I took with me.

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how to hand wash anything, in 5 simple steps

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I love everything in my closet; I try to make a point of not buying anything I can’t see myself still wearing in a year. Or two. Or, in some cases, 15. (I have a cashmere twinset that I bought in 1997. Still wearing it! Go me.)

In order to make things last, I hand wash a majority of my wardrobe — everything from pricey pieces, like my cashmere sweaters and washable silk blouses to super cheap shorts and tees. Why bother? Because no matter what the price point of my clothes, I want them to last as long as possible, with no shrinking or fading or excessive wear and tear.

These shorts do not do in the washing machine. Ever.

Things I make a point of hand-washing: Cashmere sweaters, bras, anything I don’t want to accidentally shrink, anything that would need to be ironed if it went in the washing machine (hand washing leaves things less wrinkled).

Things I do not hand wash: Running clothes, underwear, basic workhorse tees, anything belonging to my husband and children (although my husband’s fancy pants cycling kit doesn’t go in the dryer and he sends his dress shirts to the laundry because they do a better job, of course). Swimsuits — mine and theirs — go in the washing machine, in a lingerie bag, but get line dried. My jeans also go in the machine, inside out, and are hung to dry. Everyone else’s jeans? In the dryer, baby. Always.

(The dryer actually does the most damage to your clothes. Where do you think all that lint comes from? It’s your clothes, slowly disintegrating! Which is just sad.)

I typically do my hand-wash laundry once a week, often early in the morning when no one else is awake yet. It takes me maybe 40 minutes to launder everything I wear during the week. Here’s how I hand wash, in five easy steps.

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