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Game time! What do you wear to kids’ sporting events?

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J. CrewI am 43. I manage to dress ok for the office but I struggle with the baseball, soccer and hockey games. I feel like I always fall back on jeans and a tee with sneakers. Flip flops when it is warm. Like you said, bleachers are uncomfortable. The weather is also temperamental in the spring on the east coast. Freezing one day, scorching hot the next. I also worry about looking like I tried too hard or didn’t try hard enough.

I am a total Sports Mom. My ten-year-old plays baseball and basketball; my 12-year-old takes kickboxing and mixed martial arts classes. We have some type of class or practice or game virtually every single day.

And I love it.

Getting dressed for all these kid sporting events can be tough, for a lot of reasons: The weather, the bleachers, the other parents. How do you know what’s the right thing to wear to all those games and practices and classes?

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Last-minute black tie

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Stacy has a rather enviable dilemma.

My husband and I are expected to be called nearly last minute (about 10 days) to substitute at an industry black tie event. The event is in NYC, at the W Hotel. That is all I know right now.

We don’t have black tie lives, so I would like to avoid buying something for one evening where I will know no one. I’m 52, 5 feet tall and about a size 10. I have a great LBD that is heavy satin material and tailored for me. I have great big pearls that were a gift and good diamond earrings. I’m thinking with evening shoes and a good bag. I’ll be set. I feel my only long option I own is dated and not appropriate. I’m also afraid that a long dress will make me look short and a little stumpy.

However, my mother, who is old school, says I must wear a long dress since it is black tie. Internet searches yield about a 70/30 split long/short with the older women wearing long on the east coast. My sister says there will be all kinds of outfits since people are coming from all over the country. She says channel my inner Audrey Hepurn, throw up my hair and wear the great LBD.

Now that’s a great problem to have.

First of all, the NYC W is one of my absolute favorite hotels ever; so swanky and hip and a great place for a party. Plus the idea of a fun black tie date night makes me a little jealous. I’m just hoping my husband and I can sneak away to see “Skyfall” sometime soon.


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5 ways to get out of the house faster in the morning (and still look good)

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Morning is my favorite time of day; I get up early and make a cup of tea and have some quiet time before I wake my kids. And then I run around like a crazy person trying to get them both ready for school. Fortunately, I work at home, which means that I can throw on my running clothes to take the kids to school and worry about looking presentable later in the day. Go me.


On the days I have to be somewhere, though, the combination of waking the boys, making the lunches and getting myself dressed frequently leaves me in need of a nap by 10 am. So what’s the strategy for getting out of the house in the morning without losing your mind? Try this.
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Oscars recap: Why so dowdy, Sandra Bullock???

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I went to a girls-only Oscars party last night; we got all dressed up and drank champagne and ate cupcakes and took pictures of ourselves. Best Sunday night ever.

My favorite part of awards season, of course, is not the awards (although yay for The Artist!) but the dresses. Because who doesn’t dream of putting on a couture gown and $50,000 worth of Fred Leighton diamonds and going to a party?

i mean, how fun would that be? So much fun. Especially the part where you bump into George Clooney on the red carpet or at the Vanity Fair after party and he tells you how pretty you are and gets you a drink and …


Ahem. Anyway — the dresses! There were some great dresses last night — and some really terrible dresses. In particular, I was disappointed by Sandra Bullock’s gown. For a girl who is typically so down-to-earth, this thing was just … bad.


Even Sandra looks sad about her dress. Ugh.

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What to wear for a super casual Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving totally snuck up on me this year — I looked at my calendar on Monday and nearly fell over dead because how is it Thanksgiving already??? OMG.

(I love Thanksgiving; it’s my favorite holiday. Lots of eating and no gifts — hooray!)

I’m a big fan of getting dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner, but I know not everyone is. I am totally opposed to showing up at the table in your elastic waist yoga pants, though. I promise you’ll feel more thankful if you put on something more chic than what you wear to pick the kids up at school.

Fortunately, that’s an easy thing to do.

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I am incapable of flying with only a carry on bag

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I’m flying to Chicago tomorrow, for two and a half days. I was determined not to check a suitcase, because two days! How much stuff could I possibly need?

Yeah, I’m totally checking my bag. I can’t figure out how to make it all work otherwise.

I am a minimalist traveler. I wholeheartedly believe that “one carry-on bag” should mean one bag, not one bag plus your handbag (you know who you are). If you can’t get it all in one bag, you do not need it on the plane. Period. We flew to China a couple of years ago and I carried one bag on the plane with me, and had everything I needed for the entire flight.

Somehow, though, I cannot manage to apply that approach to my actual suitcase.

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How to style a maxi skirt

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I’ve always been intrigued by the maxi skirt; I love the idea of a piece that is as easy as yoga pants but still polished enough to go pretty much anywhere. To really make a maxi skirt work, think about both the shape of the skirt and what you pair it with. Here are three quick tips for styling your maxi this fall.

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What to wear to an afternoon wedding

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Arwen has a question: “What is cocktail attire when the party (a wedding) is in the middle of the afternoon?”

Ooh, good one!

I am a firm believer in always dressing up for a wedding; it’s a simple way to show respect for the couple and the institution and the venue. It’s also a good excuse to wear that lovely frock that doesn’t work for your everyday life. And of course, weddings are a great option to have your picture taken, and why not look your best when the photographer comes your way?

The twist here, of course, is the combination of cocktail attire and a function that starts before the cocktail hour. The real key here is not just when the actual wedding is, but what the reception schedule looks like. If the event is the wedding and cocktails only, then Arwen can go more casual; if cocktails will be followed by dinner (and maybe dancing!) then a dressier look is more appropriate. Either way, it pays to get dressed up.

Let’s consider the options.

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Shorts for the office? The Wall Street Journal says yes (but I say no)

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This week, the Wall Street Journal is singing the praises of the shorts suit. “Traditionally, the word ’suit’ is a sad one for ladies, especially when uttered during the summer months,” writes Alexa Brazilian. “Conversely, shorts have always evoked ideas of vacation, heat and leisure. When brought together, they create an unexpected combination of crisp polish and playful sportiness that can be worn anywhere from the office to weekends in the country and formal evenings out.”

In other words, it’s time to get a shorts suit!

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What to wear when you’re worried about your kids

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Screen shot 2011-05-23 at 1.33.19 PM
Photo via Boden USA

We’ve talked about what to wear to the office and what to wear to the playground, but what about what to wear to all those in-between Mom Moments, the ones where you need to make a good impression on other adults because they’re judging you as a parent? In your head, if nowhere else.

You know exactly what I mean.

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