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The Working Closet is your source for the best of what's hip and fresh in fashion and beauty. Susan Wagner keeps you up-to-date on trends and offers tips and tricks for making everything in your closet truly work for you.

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The Working Closet Flickr pool: Let’s talk about spending

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What are you wearing this week? And — more importantly — have you shared your outfit with The Working Closet Flickr pool? It’s so easy, and so fun; it’s also a great way to get inspired and feel good about what you already have. The Working Closet isn’t about making you feel bad about what you don’t have; it’s about making it work with what you do have.

Although there’s a little bit of shopping enabling, I won’t lie. Because these girls have great taste. So be prepared.

Speaking of shopping and Flickr, Jerilyn is curious about where we’re all getting what we’re wearing.

I’m interested in hearing your theory on budgeting and clothing-expenses…are these pieces that are new or pulled from the back of the closet? Do you have a monthly budget that you follow? I would love to dress super-cute, but find that I don’t want to spend the money (yes, I’m a cheapskate…) I work in an artistic in environment with a lot of men, so jeans, t-shirt and sneakers are the norm, thank god!

It’s a good question; I’ll tell you what I do, and what I recommend, but I’m curious about the rest of you.

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Budget chic: The Working Closet gets crafty

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The t-shirt is a staple of all our wardrobes; it goes with everything and can be styled a million ways. Tees are easy to find and easy to wear, but your basic tee can get boring fast, especially if you’re pairing it with jeans every single day. And despite it’s versatility, let’s be honest — a tee is not dressy clothing.

Unless you fancy it up a little. Or a lot.

Wednesday November 4th

How cute is this tee? And you can make it at home!

An embellished tee is an easy way to take your ho-hum uniform and turn it into something special — without losing anything in terms of ease or comfort. But embellished tees can be expensive, and there’s no real reason to spend a fortune on a tshirt.

Thanks to Amanda from The Tipsy Society, you don’t have to! (That’s Amanda, pictured above — isn’t she adorable?) Don’t you love her t-shirt? We certainly do! And now you can have one just like it: Amanda has posted a super easy tutorial for making your own ruffled tee at The Tipsy Society (check out today’s “$50 Fridays” post for tips on how to get the “Glee” look for less).

You’ll need a few things to make this tee: “a tee (any neck will do), approximately 2 yards of ruffled or pleated ribbon or blanket/quilt binding, pins, and a needle and thread (you could definitely do this on a sewing machine as well).”

Follow Amanda’s easy directions and soon you’ll be at Step 6: “Step back and admire your work.” I like that step.

Still feeling crafty? Mighty Girl Maggie Mason embellished a vintage cashmere sweater, in imitation of a J. Crew jacket. Her tutorial makes this project sound like something even I could manage (which is saying a lot, you all). A project like Maggie’s or Amanda’s is good if you’re worried that ruffles and flowers are a passing trend — decorate a tee rather than splurging on an embellished jacket or sweater. Chic, easy, and totally affordable.

Not feeling crafty? Pins are a nice alternative. Choose a pin that is lightweight and won’t pull your shirt askew; simple silk or velvet flowers are a nice option. Cluster an odd number together for a corsage look, or opt for a single oversize bloom for a pop. Browse around on Etsy for options, or check your local department store.

And once you’re done embellishing your tee, post a photo in The Working Closet Flickr pool! November is a great month to take pictures of your clothes, girls. Really.

Let’s see what you’re wearing (and hear where you’re shopping)

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I’ve been photographing my outfits on and off since March of 2007; the resulting Flickr set is over two and a half years of the good, the bad, and the OMGwhatwasIthinking? It shows that I wear the same things over and over again, and also that I tend to buy some pieces in bulk (hello, multiple pairs of the exact same jeans).

In other words, I have A Look.


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How to wear flat boots

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It’s fall, so it’s time to bust out the boots; a great pair of flat boots is an investment worth making. Flat boots are comfortable and practical and super cute. And they go with everything.

Now you’re skeptical, aren’t you? But really, you can wear your flat boots with pretty much anything in your closet.

Hartford Tall Boot, Ann Taylor Loft, $168

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Best shoes for footless tights

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Looking for shoes to wear with your footless tights? There are a few rules, of course — or think of them as strategies, if you prefer.

Keep it flat. Pairing footless tights and heels will make you look like a girl in search of a pole.

No Converse, please. Unless you’re under the age of twelve, put on some real shoes. Yes, I’m talking to you.

Be bold! Whether you’re treating your footless tights as a dressed up alternative to yoga pants or a more casual version of work wear, pair them with pretty shoes in bright colors for a more interesting look.

Choose shoes that are destination-appropriate. Sandals are great for running errands, but a ballet flat is better for the office, and a cute pair of skimmers is perfect for a day of kid sports.

Keep the line clean. Avoid anything with a heel or a strap that wraps around your ankle.

What shapes and styles look best with footless tights? Here are eight of my favorites, all available at Piperlime, and chosen not for their prices but for their style. You can find shoes like these for a lot less at places like Target and DSW and Payless, or you can splurge on the real deal. No matter where you shop, though, buy the best quality you can afford and then wear them all the time.

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Contest - It’s accessory time!

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images from J. Crew

We’ve been covering some ground with accessories and now it’s time for you to show us what you’ve got.

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(Re) Introducing the Working Closet Flickr pool

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Oh, how I’ve been waiting for this time to arrive. Fall is almost here! (Did you catch that, summer? It’s time for your oppressive humidity and ridiculous temperatures to GO AWAY.) Honestly, how can you even think about layers and new silhouettes and fabulous accessories when you are sweating like a pig in nothing but a wife beater and Bermuda shorts?

(I’m sorry. I’m bitter. AND impatient. AND live in Southern California, where we have two seasons, Beautiful and August/September Hellfire.)

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Five must-have accessories for your working closet

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We’ve talked before about building a basics wardrobe, and about how important it is to have go-to outfits; now it’s time to think about ways to keep that closet of essential, workable pieces interesting and fresh.

The answer, of course, is accessories.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Kashmere scarf, Bluefly, $65.00

The idea of accessorizing scares a lot of women, though — they don’t know what to choose or how to wear it. Here is a short list of five accessories you really need in your closet; over the next month, we will talk about how to make them work, for every day and and for special occasions.

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What I learned from 30 days of not shopping

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As those of you who are hanging out at The Working Closet Flickr pool know, October is “Does this work?” month; we’re all digging around in our closets for things we’re ambivalent about and asking the Internet to help us decide what to do. So far, I’ve given away a shirt I never wore and I’m following up on some terrific recommendations for jeans.

I love Flickr.

As you may ALSO know, I gave up shopping for the entire month of September; I didn’t buy a single pair of shoes or article of clothing or handbag, just a new refrigerator and a full Cub Scout uniform for my son. I learned all kinds of things about myself from my thirty day shopping fast (not surprisingly, I often shop when I am bored! and stressed! because new shoes will solve whatever problem I am facing! or not! it’s hard to tell!), but I learned even more about how to know when your wardrobe is and isn’t working.

And now I will share that newfound wisdom with you. You’re welcome.

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And the winner is . . .

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Are you just DYING to know who won the Superhero necklace? I’m sure you are!

But first I want to thank everyone who participated in The Working Closet group here at WIM. You were kind and funny and not a single one of you wore flip flops to the office. You all are doing the work world proud.

SO who won the necklace? Well . . .

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