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Work It, Kids! photo contest! And the winners are …

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Happy New Year! I hope that 2008 has gotten off to a good start at your house, and that you are NOT still in your pajamas. Okay, I’ll give you the pajamas, but only today and ONLY if you PROMISE me that you’re not going to leave the house like that. Please?

After all, it’s a good excuse to lounge around with your coffee and a big pile of movies and your adorable children, who we all KNOW are adorable because we got to SEE just how adorable they are all last month! We had 168 entries in the Work It, Kids! photo contest, and my goodness you all have some stylish tots there (of all ages). Thank you for sharing their photos with us — there were a few moments this month when you all had me thinking that maybe I wanted a third baby.

But then I came to my senses and realized that I could just look at the photos and then walk away. So much safer for everyone.

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“We need to talk about your wardrobe . . .”

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In the comments on Monday’s post, Victoria asked something that has me perplexed:

Question: I used to work in at an investment banking firm. One female analyst was wearing clothes that were either grossly mismatched, or just too “loud”. She would wear super high heels or flashy shoes (not flip flops) and skirts would be a touch too short. I was approached a managing director about this analyst. She wanted to know how to broach this subject with this analyst. I had no idea what to say because frankly it was her style - she simply didn’t know how to dress any differently and technically, she was within the firm’s dress code guidelines. She was wearing proper shoes and suits. How do you approach somebody about their dressing style without offending them or sounding harsh and at the same time getting your point across???

I have been mulling this for days, and I still don’t know what the answer is. I know what the analyst was doing wrong–her wardrobe of too high heels and too short skirts was completely unprofessional–but I am at a loss as to how Victoria, or the manager, could or should have discussed this with the employee.

As much as we might hate the idea that appearance matters, in a professional setting appearance matters. Managers and clients will make snap judgments about your abilities based on how you present yourself, and you will do the same with co-workers and employees. In order to be a successful professional, you really do need to LOOK like a successful professional.

However, that does NOT mean you have to wear a Uniform to work every day. It is important that you know and follow the conventions for your office or profession, though; if you work in a more conservative field, for example, then graphic tees or jeans or peep toed shoes may not be acceptable, even on Casual Friday. Part of your responsibility is to know the conventions and follow them.

Following the conventions does NOT mean sacrificing personality, though. You can do a lot with color and texture and accessories; a basic black suit is less basic when you pair it with a really fabulous red bag or when you wrap yourself in a bright blue scarf. Following the rules does not exclude expressing your personal style, but it is important to find a balance. Think of it this way: on the weekends, you might have a beer in the afternoon and think nothing of it. But at the office I suspect you would be more likely to reach for a soda at three pm, because drinking at work is discouraged. So too with what you wear. It’s all about making choices.

But that still doesn’t answer the question of how to talk to the analyst about her choices, and here is where I will defer to the wisdom of the Internet. What would you say to this woman? How would you approach her? WOULD you approach her? Is there a way to tell her that her clothes are impacting her job performance?

Help me out here.

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