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Companies Leading the Way for Work-Life Balance

Posted 15th December 2017 by Mia Morales, tagged work-life balance, business, work from home

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Work-Life Balance. We’ve all heard the term. Shoot. We’ve probably all even fantasized about having a job that gives us good work-life balance. That said, finding that job might be a trickier affair. However, it’s not impossible to find a company or industry that permits you to make a decent salary while still allowing you to enjoy hobbies like fly fishing or theater-going. Here’s a look at some companies that lead the way on the work-life balance front.


The granddaddy of search also counts as one of the best places to find work-life balance, according to an article on Forbes. The perks of working at Google include emergency assistance, refrigerators stocked with snacks, tuition reimbursement, and discounted legal advice. But the company also offers its employees financial assistance and extended time off after a child is born. If all of these factors don’t convince you that work-life balance is a thing here, we don’t know what will.

General Electric

General Electric is a company that really embraces work-life balance and flexibility. According to the Fairy Godboss website, GE gives some workers the option of flexible work schedules, including part-time and reduced hours. Employees can also job share or work flex-time hours, allowing them to pursue their hobbies and passions. Finally, for the worker who just can’t bear the thought of putting on work clothes every day, there is the telecommuting option. Can you say “Work in my PJs” anyone?

Nu Skin

This Utah-based company has been repeatedly named among the “Best Companies to Work For” by Utah Business Magazine. Aside from offering its employees an enriching place to work, Nu Skin also adheres to a workplace attitude that embraces being a “force for good.” Among its many outreach programs is the Nourish the Children Initiative, along with other worthwhile charity causes. Finally, this cutting-edge skincare company cites employee satisfaction as one of the chief reasons that it has such a workforce-friendly work environment. For any questions check out these Nu Skin company reviews.


According to the Muse, the company that brings you your phone and Internet service is also a great place to work. Verizon offers such work perks as an on-site gym, including classes in workout techniques like Pilates. It also encourages its workforce to stay at home and work. Called “Mobility at Work,” this program lets employees call their home office Verizon-for-the-day. Perks like this can be a Godsend for people recovering from an illness or who are just bouncing back after having a baby.

Southwest Airlines

It turns out that travel is also good for work-life balance, at least if you work for Southwest Airlines, according to Fast Company. While visions of flight attendants and pilots flying all over the U.S. may come to mind, the fact is, this company has a lot of employees on hourly salaries. The key to the work-life balance for Southwest is helping employees embrace the sometimes nontraditional work hours as well as treating them honestly and fairly.

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