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Prescription Programs For ADHD

Posted 18th January 2019 by M Saasd, tagged Prescription Assistance Program

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ADHD is a neurological, mental disorder, making the person less able to control their energy. This often manifests as an inability to concentrate, acting spontaneously and thoughtlessly, being easily distracted, and an overabundance of energy.

These symptoms manifest themselves beyond what might be considered normal for an average child and can prove highly disruptive in the important formative years of a child’s development whether that be through social encounters or simply a disruption in day-to-day classroom learning.

In each instance it is important for the future of the child, giving them the confidence to go about daily activities and to learn and develop.

Parents rightly wish to help their child in any way they can, for a condition like ADHD there are several long term options which combine to allow the child to live a healthy life. Likewise, children often worry that they are different or if something is wrong with them, causing anxiety, social awkwardness, and unhealthy mental patterns and look for answers.


One essential part of this is an effective medication. Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) acts to improve concentration by reducing hyperactive symptoms. Vyvanse does not ‘cure’ ADHD but relieves the symptoms of those suffering from it. Therefore it must be taken with regularity.

Vyvanse has no generic substitute and is well known and used throughout the USA.  It should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a good sleep to provide optimum benefits for the patient. When used in conjunction with the above, patients can experience a vastly improved life.

What Do I Need To Know?

Vyvanse was approved in 2007 and is a schedule II federally controlled substance; this means there are strict guidelines on its use. As a potentially addictive substance, it is dangerous and therefore illegal to share with others.

The potential serious red flags to be aware of when using Vyvanse includes:


    Spike in blood pressure (drugs such as Benicar are used to treat high blood pressure)

    Racing heartbeat

    Poor circulation

    Tourette's syndrome

Though these are not likely, consult with a medical professional if these signs occur after taking Vyvanse.

Financing Medication

Children can be quite expensive, never is this more the case than when they need medication, the cost of typical ADHD medication can run into the hundreds of dollars, with some paying upwards of $1000 for supplies.

Thankfully there are alternative options available, with assistance programs and coupons the price of medication can be dramatically reduced. Advocate My Meds, offer a Prescription Assistance Program which could save you hundreds, allowing you to treat your child and allow them to strive and succeed.

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