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What is Hip Hop Music?

Posted 12th April 2019 by Christopher Thomas, tagged hip hop blog,

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Hip hop music has become popular world over, and almost music lover listens or has listened to hip hop music at least once in their life. So, what is this hip hop music and what is its origin? Let's find out.

What is hip hop music?

The earliest known versions of hip hop music can be traced to the indigenous people and Africans who migrated to the Caribbean Islands. They used this genre as a way to express themselves - their life, difficulties, happiness, sadness, and everything.

But the hip hop music that we know today is a genre of music developed by inner-city African Americans during the 1970s. This genre consists of rhythmic music styled in a particular way followed by a rhythmic chant of words called rap.

This genre developed more as a culture and a way of expression for African Americans. As a culture, it also included graffiti writing, break dancing, DJ with turntables, and rapping. It was hugely popular among African American communities, especially in the Bronx and other suburbs of the New York City where African Americans were the majority of the population. But it took almost a decade for this music to be accepted by the world, partly because of its poor origins and cultural barriers. A number called "Rapper's Delight" by "The Sugar Hill Gang" became the first hip hop song to gain popularity.

How is it today?

Like every genre, hip hop had its share of ups and downs too. But the presence of artists with diverse styles, the larger acceptance of this genre among music aficionados,  emergence of the Internet as a media for music streaming and a growing audience around the world has made hip hop the most popular genre of music today. According to Forbes, hip hop replaced rock as the most popular musical genre in 2017.

One of the biggest reasons for this growth can be attributed to the Internet and the availability of many hip hop blogs like On such sites, you can view the latest albums, including the not-so-popular ones. All the information you want about this genre is available in this blog, and this makes this hip hop blog, your one-stop place for anything and everything related to hip hop.

The best part is this blog allows you to submit your own music too, provided of course, it falls within the hip hop category. This way, budding artists have a place to submit their creative talent on a place that reaches to a global audience.

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