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Islam Freedom

Posted 22nd July 2019 by M Saasd, tagged Islam Freedom

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Islam is a complete religion of the universe and the concept of freedom in Islam has been limited by the representative mindfulness according to certain schools of thoughts. Every man has the basic right to freedom throughout his life. 'Islam freedom' is a gift from God for all human beings. The term Islam Freedom includes all its aspects as freedom of religion, expression, justice, political achievements etc.

'Islam Freedom' is defined in the following different terms such as

* The condition and the right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc (the condition of being free)

* Frankness

* Political independence

* Faculty of motion

* Unrestricted use of access

* Freedom of religion

The true essence of 'Islam Freedom' cannot be achieved without the sacrifice of individuals for the development of good and purity of society without practicing justice. Therefore, freedom is a mental condition of the spirit and control of oneself.

The history and concept of Freedom in Islam,

ALLAH gave Hazrat Adam (the first Prophet) liberty of free choice between right and wrong, Allah says in the Quran that,

''Then He showed him what is wrong for Him and what is right for Him''

This verse reflects that freedom is equally a shared goal of human creature, where with none violates Freedom of other people. The second basic objective of right to free expression is human honour and dignity. As the famous scholar of Malaysia Muhammad Hashim Kamali states in his Book,

''Freedom of expression also compliments human dignity, for the essence of character and personality is reflected in a person's opinion and judgment.''

As written in the Holy Quran,

''And we have certainly honoured the children of Adam''

Allah Almighty honours human beings many times in the Holy Quran,

As Allah says in another place,

''We have certainly created man in the best of stature''

According to Syed Maududi,

''Islam gives the right of freedom of thought and expression to all citizens of the Islamic state on the condition that it should be used for the propagation of virtue and truth and not for spreading evil and wickedness so, ''Islam Freedom'' evaluates that Islam is the religion of love and peace.

The brief history of freedom in the west,

The first freedom in the west was freedom in religion and its speech, connection and moral self. In England the concept of religious freedom is visible as freedom of the individual. In the western world a movement for human rights emerged in the 17 century, in the wake of scientific and philosophical movements.

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