Peanut- and tree nut-free lunches

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With more and more school going entirely nut-free, and others designating peanut- and tree nut-free tables in the cafeteria, parents who are trying to pack lunch for the kids are finding out that the old stand-by -- peanut butter and jelly -- is on the banned list for lunch. Sure, you can substitute sunflower-seed butter for peanut butter, but here are some other great options that don't require reheating (though some may benefit from being packed in a preheated Thermos), aren't sandwiches, and can survive in a cubby or locker for hours with only an icepack.

  1. Cold quesadillas and salsa
  2. Mini bagles with cream cheese
  3. English-muffin pizzas
  4. Cheese omelets
  5. Cut up Italian sausage and peppers
  6. Macaroni and cheese
  7. Tortilla chips, salsa, refired beans, and guacamole
  8. Chicken salad and crackers
  9. hot dogs and cheese sticks
  10. Chili and corn chips
  11. Pasta salad with veggies
  12. Fajita fillings with corn or wheat tortillas
  13. Slow-cooker BBQ pork with cornbread
  14. Cubes of salami or ham, cubes of cheese, and pretzel sticks

  15. Pancakes, sausage links, and syrup

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  • I send my son with a frozen pretzel, they are always ready at lunch time for him. (When his friends come over to play they always ask if they can have one of those pretzels he brings to school.) I also send cheese/crackers/lunchmeat, cold chicken nuggets, cold mini corn dogs, cups of diced fruit, veggie sticks, sandwiches-no crust.

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  • I sent my daughter with jam and white cheddar cheese sandwiches to daycare last year. Those are pretty common in my husband's home country (although with different cheese), and there were rarely leftovers sent back home, so I guess she liked them.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Allison on 21st September 2010