Nanny Interview Questions

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Interviewing a new caretaker for your baby can be stressful. We've put together a comprehensive list of questions to make the process easier for you.

Employment History
  1. What are her qualifications?
  2. Why did she leave her last placement?
  3. What did she love about her job?
  4. What didn't she like about it?
  5. What is her least-favorite part about working with children in general?
  6. Is there an age-range with which she is most comfortable?
  7. Can she provide references?
  8. Will she give you permission to conduct an extensive background check?
  9. Does she know first aid or have any emergency training or other certifications?
  10. Has she ever taught or volunteered at a school?
  11. What non-nanny jobs has she held?


Background Information
  1. Does she have children of her own? How about younger siblings?
  2. What are her hobbies?
  3. What are her other related (and unrelated) skills?
  4. What are her pet peeves?
  5. Does she like pets?
  6. Why did she decide to become a nanny?


Situational Details
  1. How does she discipline?
  2. Has she ever had to discipline a child? Why and how did she handle it?
  3. What would she do in an emergency? (List different scenarios.)
  4. What is the most difficult situation she's ever been in with a child? What was the outcome?


Your Family's Requirements
  1. If you're considering nanny-sharing, is she open to that?
  2. Is she willing to do light housework? Cooking?

  3. Does she have her own car? (If so, check her driving record.)
  4. Is she willing to run errands? With or without your child?
  5. Will she pick your child up at school?
  6. Is she willing to go on vacation with you?
  7. What sort of a time committment is she looking for, day-to-day? How about in the long term?
  8. Are there any questions she has for you to answer?

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