What to Bring When You're Traveling With Kids

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Traveling with little ones in tow? It doesn't have to be a stress-filled experience! Here's a handy checklist of things to bring when you're traveling with kids:

  1. Small snacks that your kids can eat by themselves and don't require refrigeration.
  2. More substantial snacks (like beef jerky, cereal bars, or instant oatmeal) in case your trip takes longer than planned.
  3. Bottles or pacifiers for babies.
  4. EarPlanes ear plugs to regulate air pressure in the ears (and minimize pain during takeoff and landing) for older kids.
  5. Quiet, reuseable toys like Aquadoodles, wipe-clean drawing books, and finger puppets.
  6. A light blanket and small pillow for late-night flights (airlines charge for these now!)
  7. Extra clothes for you and your child(ren).
  8. Portable DVD player and a few rarely-watched DVDs (or download some video to your iPod or Sansa Fuse).
  9. Headphones (many airlines don't offer them for free anymore).
  10. A quick diaper-changing kit (three diapers, a few wipes, and a onsie in a plastic bag works fine, or use a chic clutch like the Skip Hop Pronto).
  11. Carseat (you'll need it for buses, cars, and trains, and for airplane trips you can always check it at the gate).
  12. Stroller (if you're flying, you can always check it at the gate).


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