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Diet or Exercise?

  • I know that exercise and eating healthily are BOTH important. But if you had to choose, which would you rather do to keep in shape? Focus on diet or exercise?

    For me, it has to be diet, because it's easier for me to control. I don't always make time for exercise very effectively. It's easier for me to stay on top of what I'm eating. And I seem to see more results that way. I say this after two years of running with very little thought about what I was eating.

    That is key, I think: I have become a more thoughtful eater.
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  • Diet definitely. I have worked out in the past and:

    1 - I can NOT control my eating when I'm working out.

    2 - The longer (as in weeks/months, not minutes) I work out the harder it gets and the more tired I am. That may be a complication of my iron & B12 deficiency though. So, it may be better now that I'm getting that under control.

    I keep telling myself to try again but I haven't gotten my act together yet.
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  • I don't know. That is a tough one. I really like to exercise, and I really like to eat. The problem is that I have a hard time finding time to exercise, and at the same time, it is difficult for me to eat healthily for the same reason.
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  • I made a commitment to myself on June 1st - A life style change.

    Decided to have a mini midlife crisis at 38. I joined a gym, I took a picture on my behind, and I started to keep track of what went in to my mouth.

    So far to date, I have lost 15 lbs or 10% of my weight, took off 7% body fat, went from a size 10 to a 4-6, 4 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips. please do not think I am bragging.

    What did happen is I shared ( this was a request from Lisa who said she did not think 2 months could make a difference) my 2 month before and after photo with a friend, then a second and a third. We started a Losing ASSets group via email. everyone sent me a before photo, just me. We will take photo's again on Dec. 31st. ACCOUNTABILITY - for me as well as everyone who took the picture.

    So for me the whole package; eating breakfast, taking vitamins, exercising 3 days a week, not skipping meals, cutting out soda and drinking reg coffee.
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  • Exercise for me for sure! I actually have to do cardio since i have asthma. Excercise also clears my head and energizes me for the day. So it has multiple benefits for me! This way if i want to eat something - i don't have to feel bad about it
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  • Honestly I would rather not have to choose either one (I think if I never had to see anyone again I would just sit around and watch episodes of the office and eat m&ms).

    But since you're making me choose, I'd have to say diet. I can't seem to consistently stick to an exercise plan for the life of me.
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  • It really is a tough one, but one that I've recently found the answer to. I am not overweight by any means. I have been blessed with great genes (my mom was in a bikini the day after she had me) and even after 4 kids in 6yrs, I really only need to lose about 15lbs and tone up my body to feel like I'm at my "ideal body weight/size."

    I did however just recently go into a period where I'm pretty sure my hormones were off. I guess the hysterical crying fits for no reason while driving home from the grocery store were a good indication?? LOL! Anyways, I was eating like I was pregnant and it was getting out of control. I quickly gained another 7lbs or so and had no energy. My hubby kept telling me to make time to exercise so I would feel better, but I really didn't have any urge to move my body, I was super sluggish and becoming "no fun mommy" because I just wanted to nap instead of play with the kids.

    I had the realization one day that it's really a catch 22...I was eating because my blood sugar and hormones were off, and had no energy, and I couldn't exercise because I had no energy...even with a diet change, I still felt drained and not motivated at all to exercise and I really love to.

    So, in comes this new product that I was introduced to at a networking meetup that I organize. It's called Zylene. It's all natural, it's all herbs, and it works!

    I took one pill and called the girl and said "Get me a bottle!" She brought me a bottle 4 weeks ago and I haven't looked back...I've lost 8lbs, have no interest in chocolate (I was a chocoholic for sure) and I have the energy from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed and I sleep like the dead!! I haven't felt this good since I was a teenager and could go for days without needing much sleep. And my metabolism has sped up too.

    One of the best things about it was...I totally bypassed all those PMS symptoms that I was getting a week before my cycle. I mean, I was really bad for a whole week before and I would cry for no reason, feel totally drained of energy, and all of the other crazy symptoms I'd get did not even happen this month. I didn't even really have cramps which is amazing because I normally have 1 full day of being on the couch in pain.

    So, my hubby and I had such success with it, we decided to join the company because our friends and family were having the same success and we wanted to share it with others too. I've tried so many diet and exercise programs and I've never been able to stick to any of them. I now eat when I need to eat, but I eat about 1/4 of what I used to eat and I have no desire for desserts or junk's really great because that was my downfall for sure. I now have the energy I need to exercise and when I can fit it in, I love to get out there with the kids and go for a long walk, run on the beach, or walk by myself for a few miles to clear my head.

    You can view my profile if you want more info on the product, and email me if you have any questions. I know there are other programs out there too that give you B12 shots and that helps too, if you don't have the energy, you won't be able to diet or exercise until you do. it goes hand in hand!

    Sorry for the long post, I was so bummed about this whole subject until a month ago and just had to share!

    I love this website, it's so nice to know that other moms are going through the same things, I don't feel so alone anymore!

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  • my idea of balancing excercise and diet is having a cup of m&m's in the bottle holder on any piece of excercise equipment -you know, step, step, munch, munch..and then some wine to keep me 'hydrated'.

    but..if I had to choose I'd keep the exercise. Yes, it's been a HUGE struggle to fit it in..but it clears my head, my body feels better (um, other than the pain, its great). And I feel like I've given something to myself by carving out time to work out. It's time for ME. And, as I skid through middle age, I'm finding diet just doesn't cut it. I feel the best when I eat well and excercise. I find the biggest bang for the buck is the excercise.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by OliveMartini on 11th October 2007
  • I am doing both as I decided the end of January that this is the year that I am finally getting healthier. I joinrd Jenny Craig which does work and joined a gym to work out three - four times a week. Since January, I have lost 55 pounds and went from a size 2x to a size 12. I have lost 25 inches all over. I am much healthier and have a lot more energy now. I will be at my goal weight by March 2008 which will be 40 more pounds. I still think that you need to diet and exercise to get the most benefit.
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  • When I exercise regularly I am less likely to eat crap - so I find that for me I really need to do both to stay in good shape.
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