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Why do you blog?

  • I am curious - why do you blog? To have a place to record memories, to promote something or make money, or something totally different?
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  • I blog to share photos of my children, to update friends and family about my life, or just to have a written record to go back and read later. I used to try to think of clever topics, but now I write it for me. I guess I treat it like an online journal. If people who read my blog disagree with me, that's fine. I don't write much about work; being a teacher, that could be bad if I wrote about my students.
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by alanaransley on 28th November 2007
  • Alanaransley - just checked out your blog - your baby is soooo adorable!
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  • In a lot of ways I'm quite shy in person, and rarely share my opinion in public. My blog is a place where I feel comfortable doing that. So I guess it's pretty much just for me.
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  • my husband has a blog that helps keep us in touch with family around the country that we dont get to see or spend much time with. i have another blog that i pretty much use to just try out technology, ask questions, post random thoughts and ideas. if someone finds it interesting, great! if not, thats ok too! lol! i am learning a lot and it's kind of my playground right now
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  • I have three main reasons for blogging:

    Reading - to review and keep record of the books I read, and also to share interesting things I read about online

    'Riting - Like mamajama, I feel freer to express my thoughts and opinions in writing than in person. I can also try out ideas for articles that might end up here .

    Randomness - While I have a few pet topic areas aside from books that I blog about, I can throw in memes, quizzes, personal stories, and any other crazy stuff I want to.

    My blog's become a place to record and communicate my thoughts, and I've met some really cool people through it too - that's one thing that keeps it going!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Florinda Pendley Vasquez on 28th November 2007
  • I started my blog as a place to share updates on my family (new baby, especially) with friends and family, and as a way to start writing again, but it has evolved into my way of decompressing.

    In my previous positions, I have done a lot of writing, and really miss that, so blogging has become therapeutic and exercise for mind. Also, I like how it has connected me to other people.
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  • I have two blogs, one of which I have neglected because I created a podcast and have been working hard on that. My second blog accompanies my podcast (Tales of a Single Parent)t. I use it to post show notes for the podcast and I write other entries that pertain to being a single parent. I blog because I love to write and I want to speak to and connect with other single parents.
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  • I blog because I got into the habit of writing every day and because a lot of the stuff I was reading on parenting websites was driving me insane, making me more inadequate than usual. So my blog became my way of writing back, I guess. When it got too unwieldy at my livejournal, I moved it to blogspot. My livejournal reverted to a vent, respond, kvetch, daily update thing and my blogspot is mostly mommy-related.

    The third blog is work related: examples of work for students or other teachers, minilessons, etc.
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  • my younger sister introduced me to blogs, and blogging lead me to my hubby (he is an avid blogger but very shy, and this was a conversation starter for us.) between us we have quite a few blogs. i blog on our family blog, an internal corporate blogs(professional), and a personal blog.
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